January Wins!!

So I told you that I would let you know a few of my wins from this year so I will start with a few from January.

1st-- 2X Books from GoodReads

2nd--1 book from GoodReads

5th-- 1 book from Goodreads

6th-- Starwars popcorn from Tommy Tucker--Twitter The kids loved this and it was gone really quick.

8th--HypnoGlasses from Hendricks gin--Twitter

--Beefit deluxe package Biltong and T-shirt---Twitter

9th--Glitter Galss and Bottle--Facebook

10th--Chicargo own pizza voucher

12th--Case of Pembroke Water--Twitter

--Hamper of Fentimans Drinks--Twitter

--Box set of Sherlock season 1-2--Twitter

13th--Signed book from good dog guide--Web

--Cadbury hamper--Twitter


14th--book about Britain in 2016--Twitter

--Mickey Finn Bottle and Tee--Twitter

16th--Krispy Kreme Doughnuts--Facebook

17th--Good Reads book

18th--Groot PJ For my son--Twitter



--Bottle of ale for hubby--Twitter

19th--Signed book from goodreads
--A mug

20th--snoopy prize--Web

--Proof copy book--Twitter

--Burts chips case-Twitter


--2 Books--Twitter


--signed book--Twitter


--Book from goodreads
--Inflatable boost can--Twitter


--Antique gold french bulldog ring--twitter


--Kale tote bag--Twitter
--Korean cook book --Twitter


--£15 Debenhams gift card--Twitter


--Book win--Twitter


--Melo Melon drinks--Twitter
--Pom bear prize--Twitter


--Goodreads book
 --Case of craft beef and cider--Twitter

And that is January list done I will update you with feburary Etc asap I took some months off and I am now trying to get back in to the competitions so will keep you all updated on that :)

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