Beach Days Are On The Way Back.

Thank goodness the weather is getting better even if it is slowly.

The other week hubby and I were sitting in the house after the kids had gone to school plus being picked up by grandparents so we had the whole days and most of the evening to do something while the weather was nice.

Hubby came up wit the plan of going to the beach for the day and getting fish and chips which we all love to do so off we went and it really was a wonderful day nice and warm the beach was perfect and not many people since all the kids were at school.

The only issue for me was the fact that the toilets were not open and the only ones that were,were charging 30P  to use them and I know it is not much but I really hate paying just to use the toilets is it not enough that people pay Their council tax? Anyway here are a few of the pictures I took.

The beautiful clear blue sky not that often that we get to enjoy the cloudless sky :).

What a view I could of sat there all day just staring out to sea.

So nice to walk barefoot on the warm sand again after so long.

Can not wait to be able to spend more time at the beach and next time take the kiddies,if only we had this weather all the time life would be so much better.

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