Happy Friday!!

Hope you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the bank holiday :).

I am spending sometime trying to get back in to doing competitions and finding coupons etc.

Hopefully it will be a nice and hot weekend so we can head off to the beach with the kids and have a BBQ oh how I have missed the summer BBQs although I have made sure we are stocked up on citronella candles for the garden and fly paper nothing worse than the bugs spoiling your outside time.

Enjoys your bank holiday everyone.

January Wins!!

So I told you that I would let you know a few of my wins from this year so I will start with a few from January.

1st-- 2X Books from GoodReads

2nd--1 book from GoodReads

5th-- 1 book from Goodreads

6th-- Starwars popcorn from Tommy Tucker--Twitter The kids loved this and it was gone really quick.

8th--HypnoGlasses from Hendricks gin--Twitter

--Beefit deluxe package Biltong and T-shirt---Twitter

9th--Glitter Galss and Bottle--Facebook

10th--Chicargo own pizza voucher

12th--Case of Pembroke Water--Twitter

--Hamper of Fentimans Drinks--Twitter

--Box set of Sherlock season 1-2--Twitter

13th--Signed book from good dog guide--Web

--Cadbury hamper--Twitter


14th--book about Britain in 2016--Twitter

--Mickey Finn Bottle and Tee--Twitter

16th--Krispy Kreme Doughnuts--Facebook

17th--Good Reads book

18th--Groot PJ For my son--Twitter



--Bottle of ale for hubby--Twitter

19th--Signed book from goodreads
--A mug

20th--snoopy prize--Web

--Proof copy book--Twitter

--Burts chips case-Twitter


--2 Books--Twitter


--signed book--Twitter


--Book from goodreads
--Inflatable boost can--Twitter


--Antique gold french bulldog ring--twitter


--Kale tote bag--Twitter
--Korean cook book --Twitter


--£15 Debenhams gift card--Twitter


--Book win--Twitter


--Melo Melon drinks--Twitter
--Pom bear prize--Twitter


--Goodreads book
 --Case of craft beef and cider--Twitter

And that is January list done I will update you with feburary Etc asap I took some months off and I am now trying to get back in to the competitions so will keep you all updated on that :)

Time for a new hairstyle.

Well a while back I had my hair done and loved it but ow it is time to choose again and I really have no idea what I want to do this time.

In case you did not see on my Twitter here is a couple of pictures of the hair that I had.

So now I need something Brighter and that stands out, I had so many people commenting on my hair that wanted the same.

I will update when I have decided n the new style and colour.

Monday Music.

So we have not done the music posts for a while so here is one that our kids love and are constantly playing :).

 Ranti--- Iwe Kiko.

Have a great week everyone and I hope the weather is great where you are.

Beach Days Are On The Way Back.

Thank goodness the weather is getting better even if it is slowly.

The other week hubby and I were sitting in the house after the kids had gone to school plus being picked up by grandparents so we had the whole days and most of the evening to do something while the weather was nice.

Hubby came up wit the plan of going to the beach for the day and getting fish and chips which we all love to do so off we went and it really was a wonderful day nice and warm the beach was perfect and not many people since all the kids were at school.

The only issue for me was the fact that the toilets were not open and the only ones that were,were charging 30P  to use them and I know it is not much but I really hate paying just to use the toilets is it not enough that people pay Their council tax? Anyway here are a few of the pictures I took.

The beautiful clear blue sky not that often that we get to enjoy the cloudless sky :).

What a view I could of sat there all day just staring out to sea.

So nice to walk barefoot on the warm sand again after so long.

Can not wait to be able to spend more time at the beach and next time take the kiddies,if only we had this weather all the time life would be so much better.

Back to work!!

Morning everyone,

It has been a little while I know but a lot has gone on here (All good) it has just kept me occupied for a while but now I am trying to get back on track.

I have some wonderful reviews to bring you,From some really wonderful companies.

Also spending more tme trying to get back in to the competitions I had a great few months for wins at the start of the year which I will share with you at a later date,but I will be bringing you my wins as and when (IF) I have any.

A little hint keep an eye on the blog and some of the posts and maybe you can figure out what is happening for our family towards the end of the year :).

Have a great weekend everyone