Younger Children Classic Xmas Gifts!!

Tobar has a lovely collection of toys which make classic Christmas gifts for younger children.

Bump N Go Bubble Train.

Brightly coloured train toy that moves along the ground, makes noises and blows bubbles from its chimney. When activated, the train rolls forward whilst making chugging train noises, producing a vast and continuous plume of bubbles. It's almost cartoon like in appearance, able to capture the imagination of children from the shelf or after the briefest of demonstrations. This fantastic Bubble Train has been designed and built exclusively for Tobar and makes a stand-out addition to any toy collection.

Classic Play Sets – Farm, Pixie and Village.

Pixie toy playset with a mushroom shaped carry case. The wooden case contains a number of accessories but also opens out to double up as a pixie house play area. Inside are a pair of pixie figures as well as a variety of toadstool furniture items including a bed, table, two stools and a drawer. Wooden Village Set containing approximately 45 pieces of scenery, buildings and characters
Animal Family – Owl and Duck.
Collection of three wooden owls connected by a string that can be pulled along by their lead. There is one large owl and two smaller owls, each one colourfully painted and sporting two sets of wheels, allowing them to roll along the floor. Quality tin clockwork toy designed to look like a family of ducks. Wind-up the lead duck and release to make it roll forward, towing along the three smaller duck miniatures behind it
Bath Time Fun – Crayons, Colour Tints, Water Trumpet and Drums.

Set of six washable crayons for drawing fun in the bath. Colourfizz Bath Tints make the water in your bath change colour Fill the trumpet with water to create a variety of musical notes to play Pair of excellent drums that float on water for bath time fun


Plush Toys – Snugglesaurs, Blushing Bear Night Light and Diplodocus.
Dinosaur soft toys that let out a mighty roar when squeezed. These adorable plush toys are incredibly huggable and covered with felt features including teeth, spines and claws. Press the button on its belly to trigger a mighty dino-like roar that has an impressively piercing shriek to it.

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