Standeazy A Great Little Stocking Filler!!

Credit card sized phone stand
Works with smartphones (also the larger ones) and mini tablets/e-readers
Fits in any card wallet
from £2.99
Stocked at: DreamGB, Amazon, Etsy,

There’s a hole in my stocking, dear Liza, dear Liza… 
Get a Standeazy and make your Christmas stockings happy!

It’s definitely no longer summer, and if we are honest, Christmas is actually just around the corner. On go the woolies and we count your blessings when we get home dry. It also means we need to start the annual hunt for stocking fillers and smaller gifts that don't break the bank and aren’t useless tat.
Wondering what on earth we could get dad who has everything, mum who doesn’t quite know what she wants and those teenagers – well, let’s not mention them too much.

Stocking fillers are notoriously hard to find and research can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare when you are looking for something ‘a bit different’ that doesn’t come with a surprising price tag. Inexpensive choices become quickly limited and frustratingly dull.

That’s where Standeazy is a simple choice for every budget.

Phones, tablets and e-readers are probably on a lot of wish lists - so why not complement them with a stand that converts them into hands-free devices and fits in every wallet? Designed to not only be practical when ‘in action’, it’s different because it is credit card sized and thus super slim, light weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Anyone owning a smartphone will know the abundance of applications from video chat to TV and movie streaming that benefit from hands-free use; let alone all those cooking apps (recipe holder), family apps (baby monitor, alarm clock, contraction counters), camera apps (with self timer and slow motion, time-lapse or other effects) and tutorial apps to name but a few.

And with these gadgets being not the cheapest, it’s needless to say that Standeazy also protects from bumping a device on a hard surface when wanting to lay it down, getting it covered in muck whilst cooking or mishandled by adventurous toddler fingers.

Standeazy comes in three different colours and two materials. Designed and manufactured in the UK, you can choose from the polymer version which holds smartphones and e-readers such as the kindle, or the aluminium laminate version (Standeazy Ultra) which also holds tablets.

Standeazy is a clever little accessory for your smartphone– and starting at £2.99 it not only fits into your wallet, it leaves change for a nice Christmas pudding, too!

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