QI launches range of Quite Interesting gifts, toys and puzzles!

From the brains behind the BBC TV show QI comes this range of Quite Interesting gifts, toys, puzzles and experiments to keep adults and children entertained for hours. Available to purchase in stores and online now, the range, created in association with WOW! Stuff, encompasses the QI ethos.

Befuddle your senses with square bubbles, sand that can't get wet, and incredible optical illusions. Test your dexterity by making magnets bounce and sing or by constructing your own desktop castle. And be entertained every time you drink tea or check your calendar - with the fact-and-quote-filled QI mug and desktop calendar. All curious minds, whether young or.... less young, will find something to catch their attention in this brand new range of fantastic QI products.


Hydrophobic Sand has been treated with a silicon gas to cover the sand particles, so as soon as they come out of the water they are bone dry! This product will amaze family and friends. Also included is Sand-Putty - it’s so amazingly tactile!
A specially formulated sand that can be molded in to any shape, sculpted with a tool to make impressive structures, or simply played with.£12.99


Fit the “Final Piece” in the Final Piece Puzzle that already appears complete! It will take a fair bit of re-arranging, but it can be done! Both the larger rectangles in the Identical Rectangle Illusion are identical. This is impossible for your eyes to believe, as one appears considerably shorter and wider than the other. Swap them over to astonish friends and family! £9.99


Singing Orbs are powerful magnets that can do a host of fun tricks, including throwing them in the air and listening to them “sing” as they intertwine with each other. A host of other fun activities are detailed in this box. Thermal Hoppers, are made of thin layers of 2 different metals, which enables them to perform an amazing trick of physics. Full details inside this box explain how they jump several feet in the air! £9.99


A box containing 6 totally different but (Quite) Interesting objects to keep people amazed and amused for hours. From incredible optical illusions, amazing materials, to magnets that appear to defy the laws of physics, this pack has something for everyone. £24.99


Making a square bubble is a seemingly impossible feat – well, no longer! Inspired by Stephen Fry’s demonstration on the TV show, this kit has everything you need to make your very own square bubbles!£7.99


Everyone has a dream of owning his or her own castle and now you can! The specially formulated sand gently sticks together (but not to you or the furniture), and can be used to create your very own sandcastle, time after time. Complete with its own flag your castle can be personalised. As well as making a castle, the kit comes with a sculpting tool to sculpt the tactile sand in to any shape you wish. Kids young or old will not be able to stop playing with this amazing sand, making it the perfect gift for the playroom or an executive’s desk! £12.99


Waiting 3 minutes for your egg to boil is rarely very interesting. However, now it can be with the new QI Egg Timer. As the magnetic iron fillings run through the timer, they make amazing sculptures thanks to the magnets on the base. Boiling an egg has never been such fun! £12.99 SRP


At QI we love quotes as well as facts. In this page-a-day desktop calendar there is a Quite Interesting fact AND quote for each and every day of 2016. Not only great fun, but educational too – learn something new every day, including what day of the week it is! £16.99 SRP


Brighten up your tea break with this mug that’s covered in amazing facts about tea.£6.99

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