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There’s no escaping the fact that the festive season approaches faster and faster every year. Christmas trees spring up in all their decorated glory well in advance of December, and the pre-planned purchasing of gifts often begins as early as January.

With family and friends having different tastes, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect presents. From friends partial to beauty products, to family members who are self-confessed fitness fanatics, Nelsons has compiled some gift ideas, and all for under £10. Nelsons Natural World

For those who like nothing more than to relax and unwind after a busy day, Nelsons Arnicare® Arnica Bath & Massage Balm, is a dual purpose balm enriched with Evening Primrose and rich Sweet Almond oil to naturally hydrate the skin. Designed for massaging into tired muscles or for use in a relaxing bath following a hectic day, the natural properties of Arnica Montana extract and sweet scents of Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils help calm senses and relax the mind. It’s the perfect present for mum to help her unwind after a busy Christmas. 

 The winter months can often be harsh on hands and skin, so treat your friends and family to Nelsons® Calendula Cream in their stockings this Christmas. Containing natural extract of calendula and known for its skin conditioning properties, it will leave their hands and skin in tip top condition, ensuring they look and feel their best throughout the festive period. 

 With more people than ever now interested in health and fitness, and with such a variety of exercise classes on the market, we all know someone who really works hard when it comes to training. Nelsons® arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel is ideal for massaging into tired and over-worked legs, to help cool and revive them. Combining the natural benefits of arnica with the refreshing sensation of grapefruit oil and menthol, it could even be the gym bag essential for those fitness resolutions in the New Year.

 Christmas can be a hectic time, so help friends and family take a moment to unwind and enjoy the festivities, by putting NEW RESCUE® Spearmint Chewing Gum in their stockings. With the act of chewing suggested to help calm and relax, RESCUE Spearmint Chewing Gum, with its liquid flower essences centre, is both a handbag and desk essential. 

 If you have a sweet lover in the family, then the latest product in the RESCUE range – RESCUE PLUS Lozenge, is the ideal stocking filler. Combining vitamins B5 and B12, the product has been designed to support daily performance even on busy days. With a tasty natural orange and elderflower liquid centre, it’s perfect for keeping calm during the festive season. 

 Finally, for glowing skin all winter, Pure Rosehip Oil is a must have. Made from 100% pure Rosehip Oil, cold pressed to create the highest grade product, the richness of the Rosehip makes it wonderful for dry skin. Rosehip Oil was also reportedly favoured by Kate Middleton during her second pregnancy, making her look radiant throughout, so it’s the perfect stocking filler for those who love to take care of their skin. 

Product prices and availability:
·         RESCUE Spearmint Chewing Gum - £4.25
·         Pure Rosehip Oil - £11.00
·         Nelsons arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel - £5.15
·         Nelsons arnicare Arnica Bath & Massage Balm - £8.15
·         Nelsons Calendula Cream - £5.09
·         RESCUE PLUS® Lozenge - £3.69

RESCUE, Spatone, Nelsons arnicare and Nelsons Calendula are all available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, independent pharmacies and health food stores, grocery stores nationwide and online at

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