Christmas Tree's From Pines And Needles.

You may have seen me mention Pines And Needles on my Music Monday post.

We are really lucky in that at the end of the month we are getting a new Christmas Tree and it is coming from these guys.

I really love a real tree I mean you can not beat it at Christmas the fake ones are all well and good but to be honest if you are going to do something properly get a real one.

And if you are worried about needles dropping all over your floor you do not have to worry as they supply non drop trees too.

Pines and Needles was founded by brothers Josh and Sam Lyle back in 1995. It all started when the youngsters (then aged 15 and 13) came up with the brainwave of loading an old horse box with Christmas trees from their family farm in Scotland and taking the long journey down to London. After a few years the kilted crew grew in size, the Internet beckoned, and the rest, as they say, is history. They now have over 20 stores around London and the south of England, and bring Christmas cheer to thousands of families every festive season.

Pines and Needles and the Environment

  • Pines and Needles is carbon positive for most of the year as The trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. During the Christmas season Pines and Needles is Carbon Neutral as any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing in our plantations.
  • Pines and Needles uses mainly British trees from sustainable forests - less air and land miles means reduced emissions!​
  • Pines and Needles mainly uses diesel fuel and has several LPG vans, but is endeavoring to replace its delivery vans with electronic vehicles.
  • Increasingly Pines and Needles is switching to organically-grown trees. Pesticides can upset the balance of fragile ecosystems.
  • Wherever possible They encourage the use of power-saving LED lights as these use a fraction of the cost of incandescent bulbs.

If you are in London then be prepared for a great delivery service with the friendly team dressed in Kilts and santa hats bringing you your tree to keep in with Their Scottish heritage ,They can also install and decorate your tree for a little extra fee.

If you are anywhere else in the UK you can still have your tree delivered unfortunately no elves in kilts will bring it just a courier lol. 

You can also get your lights and some decorations for your tree from them.

Once our tree arrives I will show you all it.

Check out Pines and Needles


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