Add Christmas glamour to your table with new retro festive condiments!!

The British Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a choice of must-have accompaniments for a mouthwatering festive feast.
This year, add festive charm to the table with Colman’s classic range of British condiments that have been redesigned with vintage labels, taking inspiration from original designs, for the Christmas season.
Whether it’s mint sauce adding a taste of the kitchen-garden to your lamb, British bramley apple sauce to add sweetness to your stuffing, horseradish to add a fiery kick to your beef or tangy cranberry to complement the richness of your chicken or turkey, make sure the best condiments grace your table this festive season.  

The British favourites to enjoy a festive transformation and add flavour to your table are:

Colman’s Classic Mint Sauce
The essential condiment for a Christmas lamb roast, Colman’s Classic Mint Sauce is made with finely chopped British grown mint leaves soaked in vinegar.
£1.38 RRP, 250ml

Colman’s Bramley Apple Sauce
A sweet and sharp accompaniment to most rich meats such as roast pork and a fruity addition to a herb stuffing.
 £1.29 RRP, 250ml 

Colman’s Cranberry Sauce
Try pairing a juicy roast chicken or your delicious Christmas turkey with a generous helping  of Colman’s rich and fruity Cranberry Sauce.
£1.10 RRP, 250ml

Colman’s Horseradish Sauce
Hot and fiery – the perfect accompaniment to roast beef. Try mixing with yogurt or mayonnaise to make a milder sauce for fish on Christmas Eve.
£1.38 RRP, 250ml

 And when the Christmas Day feast is over, what better way to liven up your Boxing Day leftover cold meats than with a dollop of mayonnaise. Try Hellmann’s, which has also been given a festive twist this year.

Ho Ho Ho Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
At the heart of Hellmann'sReal Mayonnaise are just quality ingredients. These are what give Hellmann'sthat smooth creamy taste. 
£2.12 RRP, 400g

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