Coronation Street The Tour !!

Ok so on the 1st of the month it was a day out for Hubby and I while kiddies where at school and also were being picked up and taken care of after school so what to do for a whole day?

Well we were given the opportunity to go on the corrie tour :).Coronation Street left Here in 2013 in December for Their new filming location at Media City around 5 miles away.

We left home after we took the kids to school it was a few hours driving and we were booked in for one of the afternoon tours,first stop of course was something to eat in the Trafford Center then excitedly off to find our way to the Iconic street.

When we arrived and picked up our tickets at the desk we were pointed in the direction to go and wait for our tour guide,we were also given a Backstage pass that we had to wear while going round.

After everyone had gathered that was on the same tour as us not sure exactly how many maybe 20 or so well it was just the right amount of people anyway,we met our tour guide Martin who from the get go was making sure everyone was going to have a great time.

Before I carry on can we just for a second get a little excited here we are standing on the Street that we have seen on our screens for 50 odd years well I have not watched it that long of course but ever since I was a child I have hardly missed an episode and now there I was standing in the same place as some of our best loved soap stars to be honest the only thing better than that would have been a chance to watch them film an episode :).

Ok Ok so back to the start of the tour,we were first all taken in to the green room (not green at all by the way) where the stars would of sat and read Their lines etc,they had some nice comfy sofas that we got to sit on for a moment,there were pigeon holes with the stars names still on them like Alison King who of course plays the wonderful Carla.

Please bear in mind I am not going to tell you everything about the tour because I do not want to spoil it for you because you really should go and visit,it ends this year which is really sad and I feel that something that has been as big a part of nearly everybody living in the UK should be kept and treasured.

So next up we walked down a corridor which had some dressing rooms that the stars used some of the doors were open so you could take a peek inside.

We arrived in the wardrobe department which has some of the costumes that I am sure when you will see them you will know exactly who wore them,Like Tracey's wedding dress,Beth and Kirks wedding outfits and many more.
We were also told that when the wardrobe department goes shopping for clothes they buy from the shops that the characters would buy from for example Ken Barlows Socks from M&S it was a really fun fact and such a great idea,It really goes to show how much time and effort is taken and why Coronation Street has been so successful.

We were then taken in to a dark room to watch some clips from over the years some which I had never seen before to some of the funny and sad moments we all will remember.

Next was to see a few of the sets which included The platt's house it is so small when you get up close the sofa looked so small,and the fun part is where the stairs goes up and then stops so next time you see little max running up the stairs he will just be sitting at the top waiting for the scene to finish.

Next up we went to the interior of the Rovers Return Pub where we got to sit in the booths and also this was a chance to get a picture taken of you behind the bar which was amazing. I must say how small it looks in there compared to on screen,Martin then told us how the make it look so big and it is actually by moving the walls outwards and not a camera trick like you would first think.Also when you see them drinking beer what they are actually drinking it is not tea like so many of us thought it is actually very weak shandy which is mostly lemonade.

we also saw some iconic props like Freds butcher apron and hat, and more but I will let you visit and see for yourself.

we also visited the interior of the factory,Vera and Jacks house which of course now belongs to Tyrone and Fiz.At which point Martin started to talk about when Vera passed away in the chair that is still sitting right there and also when Vera came back as a ghost to dance with Jack before he died,which Martin recreated with one of the ladies on the tour which was a giggle.

We also visited the cabin with all its sweets and a fun fact for you all the sweets are real but they are a couple of years old and if the cast need to eat sweets during a shoot they buy in a fresh supply for them. And at this point is when Martin decided to let us hear his Noris impression which I have to say is spot on and we were all impressed with.

We saw the production suite with the Christmas decorations still up,and the through to the shell of nicks Bistro which was the scene of the tram crash.

From this point the doors opened and to the sound of the corrie theme tune we were let loose on to the cobbles for as long as we wanted and to take pictures.I must say it is pretty awesome to walk down that street where each and every character has walked and spent so much time.You can go up to the front doors of all your favorite characters give them a knock,have your picture taken in front of the rovers return and even head on over to Prima Doner kebab shop. Street Cars has a Taxi outside it and you can also head in to the back garden of the Platt's and look of the gardens one even has a pond in it.

You can head over to the Rosamund medical center which now doubles up as the gift shop to buy some
souvenirs and of course your Photo taken Behind the bar.

Photos cost £7.50 or 2 for £10 or you can buy it on a usb for £8.50 which we did because it is nice to be able to print it whenever and however you like.

 We really enjoyed ourselves and there is so much I want to say about this but really do not want to spoil it for you all that would like to go but please hurry as there is only 85 days left before this ends for good.

Admission prices.
Adult £17.00 
Child, age 5 to 15* £15.50 
Senior, 65 and over £16.00 
Student, with valid Student ID Card £16.00 
Family, 2 adults and 2 children OR 1 adult and 3 children £60.00 
 *Children under 5 free with adult, no ticket needed. 

Check out For more information

*We received 2 tickets in exchange for this post.*

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