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You have probably seen a few photos on here of the birds we get in our garden,Our oldest son loves wildlife and will spend hours taking photos of birds and bugs.

I came across this great website to buy good quality bird food without a big cost,you can also pick up a bird table or bird feeder on there for really great prices.

Here is what we were sent,

Jacobi Jayne The One Seed Feeder

We have the medium which has 4 seed ports this is priced at £9.99,this also comes in a 2 port and a 6 port so you can choose the size that you want.

This is a great quality bird feeder,It comes with a two year warranty and the new easy clean system.

The new easy clean system removes the need for tools. The base can be removed with an easy squeeze and the ports can be removed by pulling out the central pin.

Small     - 2 port - Height 180mm - Capacity 0.5 litres
Medium  - 4 port - Height 360mm - Capacity 1.0 litres
Large      - 6 port - Height 360mm - Capacity 1.5 litres

Also sent with this was 5kg of all year round bird seed mix.
5KG is  priced at only £4.99.

 This has everything and more a bird could want :).

We are having to wait to put this up in the garden as I need to order a tray to stop our resident squirrels from stealing all the birds food.

Garden Wildlife Direct is proof that you do not need to spend a fortune to be able to help out and give the birds some help when they need it especially in the winter or when the chicks are around and mum is a lot more hungry,We have a couple of bird family's that have set up home in our guttering this year and had Their chicks and while I really do not mind it gets a little bit annoying with them making noise and sitting on the window sill in the morning waking us up at 4am,I mean just because the sun is out does not mean everyone else wants to get up :).

So this year if you do not already get yourself a bird feeder/table and feed the birds,it is great fun to watch and see the different variety of birds that will come to your garden just watch out for the sneaky squirrels.
Head on over to Garden Wildlife Direct and pick up a great deal.

Check out Their TV advert Here.


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