The Smelly Alley Fish Company!!

This is now a firm favorite company to get fish from in our house,They have a large selection of fish and deliver nationwide.

We were sent a lovely box of goodies.

There was also a lovely bag of scampi but the picture will not upload for some reason.

I am going to share with you some recipes I was sent over the next few days for you to try out.

Firstly let me tell you a little about this company,They are a real traditional fishmongers not and industrial unit which is really nice,Based in Reading,you can order online and your order will be delivered the next day before noon.

In case you were wondering why the name Smelly Alley Fish Company,They are in a street that has had food shops in it for hundreds of years. In the 1600s it had an open sewer running down its length, so it became known as Smelly Alley. Now there is just one fishmonger, one greengrocer and one butcher.

We have been enjoying our goodies we were sent a wonderful Lobster,Fresh portioned salmon and cod.
Scampi which is one of my favorites so I really enjoyed that.
ALso in the box were prawns and Hubz favorite Tilapia he loves this fish so was really happy when he saw there was some in the box.

Each of the products tasted really good and full of flavor.

Prices are really good and well worth buying from Them rather than a supermarket as you all know what I think about that :).

I would recommend this company and I will for sure be buying from them in the future. 

Here are a few more they sell,


Catfish which is another of Hubz favorites
You can even buy a BBQ hamper full of fish ready for the BBQ,

Go ahead and check out The Website,say hello and get your summer started with some tasty fish.
Keep an eye out for the recipes which will follow in other posts.


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