The Naked Farmer!!

Did the heading get your attention? Well it gave us a little giggle here but in all seriousness the nakedness is all about how Andy Smith raises his sheep in Somerset,He has a flock of 500 breading ewes which are a mix of north country mules with a handful of Texel and Suffolk cross mules.

The sheep spend all year out on the grass and only go indoors if there is a problem with them.
We were sent a leg of lamb to try and see what we thought,and the verdict was a very good one,but first if you would like to order lamb from the website here is how you would go about it.

1: Select your box from the options in the online shop or if you're not sure give Them a call or use the contact form here.
2: They will be in touch to discuss delivery with you to make sure someone will be there to take delivery
3: Inside the box you will find your meat and a certificate. The certificate will tell you the ear tag number of the lamb so you can search its details on the site, the number of food miles and will have your signed guarantee that the lamb has not been treated with any antibiotics or organo phosphate sheep dip during its entire lifetime. You will also get a recipe card.

If you would like you can arrange to collect your lamb box direct from one of Their retail partners, saving yourself the delivery fee. 

 lamb for collection or local delivery can be supplied in freezer bags or vac packed, lambs for delivery by courier will be vac packed.

Above is a picture of our lamb that we were sent,in the end we decided to divide it up so we could try the lamb in different dishes over the course of a few days.
The lamb is very tender and melt in your mouth and I have to say is one of the best we have tried,It has been a while since I ate lamb due to really not enjoying the ones brought from the supermarket as I have said many times I refuse to buy meat from a supermarket due to some bad experiences.

What I like is that in your box you get a certificate telling you the lambs number mine was 00003and you can use this number to check on the website about your lamb
Also it lets you know where your lamb was slaughtered and butchered.
A guarantee that it has recived
Zero antibiotic treatments
Zero organo phosphate treatments
Zero feed other than grass or milk
It has spent its entire life at lodge farm bayford

Then it lets you know how far it has traveled mine was 366.4 miles from the farm to me.

If that is not 100% traceable I don't know what is,you can find out everything you need about the lamb to feel happy in knowing 1 it has had a good life and 2 the meat is as good as it can be for you and your family to eat.

If you would like to buy a lamb box head on over to The Naked Farmer website (Link below) and order a box,I recommend this company and can not fault the meat or the service we received.

Prices are great with a half lamb box for £56
A whole lamb box for £112


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