Summer Holiday Fun In The Garden!!

This year the kids have been asking to do more gardening so we brought them each a walk in grow-house
Luckily these are on offer in BNM right now which was helpful,I wanted the youngest 2 to share but they refused and both wanted their own.
We have brought so many seeds which once sorted and the rest have arrived will be taking pictures of,They each have chosen a bunch of seeds of what they want to grow and this year we even have a few trees to be planted.I will update when we are a little further along.

Above is a picture of part of our wild garden left for the bees which they love and there are plenty buzzing around.

Here is a picture JR took of one of the wild rabbits that comes in to the garden everyday luckily this little piece of grass the dogs can not go to as its more for the kiddies to play and now we have 2 rabbits which love playing around.

So this summer we are going to be spending a lot more time outside,having fun and growing lots of fruit and veg.

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