Aldi is cutting the cost of men’s fashion by launching its first Men’s Summer clothing range. With prices starting from just £2.99, the range presents a saving of up to 69%, when compared to leading high-street stores, without compromising on quality.

On sale right now, Aldi’s Men’s Summer range consists of a variety of clothing and accessories, such as Chino Shorts (£7.99), Linen Trousers (£9.99), Oxford Shirts (£6.99), T-Shirts (£3.99), Zipped Hoodies  (£8.99) and Summer Hats (£2.99), meaning fashion and cash conscious shoppers can get stylish summer gear for less than £45.

With up to three different styles and up to five different colours to choose from per item, the range offers multiple stylish outfits for summer holidays abroad or staycations.

Tony Baines, Managing Director for Corporate Buying at Aldi comments: “We’re really excited about this launch as it will help men across the country cut the cost of the ‘must have’ summer wardrobe.”
“Our customers know to expect great value from our ranges; this summer range competes in the fashion stakes too, delivering style on a shoestring and standing up to high street brands, without compromising on quality.”

Aldi’s Men’s Summer range is in stores now, and as with all Specialbuys, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Men’s Linen Trousers    £9.99      
Men’s Marl Zipped Hoody    £8.99      
Men’s Chino Shorts     £7.99      
Men’s Oxford Shirt     £6.99      
Men’s Jersey Hipsters - 3 Pack    £5.99      
Men’s T-Shirt     £3.99      
Men’s Summer Hats    £2.99   

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