Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic!!

You should of by now seen the Yummy Nummies blog button on the side of my blog.
So if you are wondering what is Yummy Nummies well it is a brand new craze all the way from japan of making food in miniature and really fast.

We were asked by Character-Online if we would like to try out 2 of the kits I thought why not I am sure the kids would have fun doing this.

We were sent the pizza kit and the cookie kit.

 So now let me show you how simple it really is,You mix,make and the enjoy.

So you follow the instructions measure out the mixture and water,mix together,spoon out in to the cookie molds,add some of the chocolate drops on top then put it in the microwave for the allocated time 15seconds and well that is it.not much to it and my kids loved them,it is very easy for them to make,it is surprising that these do taste quite like the real thing but a lot less time to make. Our cookies were a little stuck in the molds but not really a problem.

Next was the pizza kit which is basically the same system to make except when you have made the base you have to put it in the microwave for a few seconds and then press down and mix up the sauce which smelled quite good,then that all goes back in the microwave for a few seconds then you have to leave it for a while and put the cheese on top.

There are many more on offer,

Dinner Delights,
Chicken Nuggets,
Burger & Fries,

Bakery Treats,

Candy Shop,
Gummy Goodies
Chocolate Bar Maker.

And much more but you can head on over to the website and check them out for yourself,
It would of been great to try the Burger and Fries as that even has a drink with it.

My kids love these and I am sure yours will too,simple easy and no oven needed,these are great little treats and of course are not supposed to be provided as a main meal for the kids I mean they are about the size of a 2pence piece.

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