Ravensburger Dinosaurs Puzzle With App

As you have seen before we have been sent Ravensburger puzzle and the kids loved them,this one is no exception.
But let me tell you this is no ordinary puzzle,it also has a fun app with games on it.

My oldest son loves this as he is loving anything dinosaurs right now so this Dinosaurs 100 piece XXL puzzle is a perfect gift for him and for any dino mad child.

The only bits he found a little difficult was the background it took him around 1/12 hours to do with help from his sister.

Once the puzzle is completed you can download the free app on Android and ios,There is 3 games on there including a quiz the app is a lot of fun and JR loved how it helped him to learn more about the dinosaurs.

I think that having an app to go with a puzzle for kids is a really good idea and turns the fun in to education at the same time and who would not like that :).

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