Have You Tried BodyChef?

Have you heard of Bodychef? If not take a look here.

Next week I will be trialing a diet plan from Bodychef now the difference with this company is that they supply you with real food,meals prepared for you and packed in set portions ready for you to heat and eat.

Bodychef was started by Jayne Ritchie in 2003.

There are numerous plans to choose from depending what you are looking for i.e low sugar,gluten free,halal,super food diet and many more, and you can change up your menu by selecting different food choices than the ones pre selected for you.

I have been through the whole process of joining and ordering,firstly when you decide to make an account there is a short survey to find out more about you and what will work well for you,for example you will be asked your height,weight etc to work out your BMI,They work out how many calories you need per day and the chefs will cook your meals according to your requirements. Through the website you can keep track of your progress, If your allergic to any ingredients or food groups, whether it is wheat, dairy products or a particular type of meat, simply select and add them to your food exclusion list.

Once you sign up you will be sent an email with a free diet report which will tell you about your BMI,how much weight you could lose to be more healthy,how long you could lose that weight in,the amount of calories you need per day and much more. 

You can hop from plan to plan skip a delivery if you are out of town, change your delivery address or cancel your plan as all They ask is just 72 hours notice.

1200 Calorie Plans are around £17.98 each day including delivery. The higher the calorie level, the more your plan will cost each day; but the more days you order, the cheaper your plan becomes
Everything is included - plan hops and swaps, food exclusions and all your deliveries.

Each item in your hamper is weighed to the nearest gram and clearly labelled so you know what to eat and when to eat it,the only thing you will need to add to your meal is your milk (300mls per day)and as many zero calorie drinks as you like.

So this is some basic information about the service Bodychef head on over to the website and check this service for yourself and check back next week when I receive my hamper and find out what I think.

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