Whether a builder by trade or simply a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find all you need at Aldi. With everything from quality tools and accessories to protective clothing and footwear, keep an eye out for the Aldi Specialbuys Building range, available in stores 5th July.

Stay secure when working at a height with this heavy duty Triple Extension Ladder (£79.99). Featuring wide, slip-resistant D-rungs for safety and comfort when climbing, this ladder is also ultra-portable thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame.

Aldi’s Building range also features a number of great value tools including this Hand Riveter Set  (£4.99) and a Gas Powered Mini Soldering Iron (£14.99) which is perfect if you’re planning to do some electrical work. 

If you’re looking to replace a wall socket, why not pick up Aldi’s Single or Double Switches/Sockets (single £1.69, double £2.49). In addition, Aldi’s Cable Access Kit (£6.99) is the ideal tool for feeding wires and cables under floorboards or through wall cavities without making a mess.

These Four Assorted Storage Boxes (£9.99) are perfect for organising useful tools and equipment such as Cable Ties (£3.99), Tape Selections (£2.49) or a Damaged Screw Remover Set (£4.99).

Aldi has a wide selection of top quality, functional clothing from Men’s Work Trousers (£8.99) and Workwear Shorts (£6.99), to Work Socks (£2.99) and these practical Men’s Utility T-shirts (£4.99).

Safety is key so make sure you’ve got your Builders Gloves (£2.99), Workwear Knee Pads (£3.99) and Workwear Boots (£14.99) before entering any form of construction site.

Aldi’s Specialbuys Building range goes into stores nationwide on the 5th July but don’t delay, as once it’s gone, it’s gone!

We received a selection of work clothing for hubz which he is really happy with,and also the tool to help remove damaged screws which has already come in useful because we had a couple of screws we could not get out of things because of them being damaged so this tool saved the day.

On sale on 05.07.15 and available while stocks last
Triple Extension Ladder
Gas Powered Mini Soldering Iron
Workwear Boot
Four Assorted Storage Boxes
Men's Work Trouser
Cable Access Kit
Workwear Shorts
Scraper Mat
Damaged Screw Remover Set
Castors Set
Hand Riveter Set
Men's Utility T-Shirt
Cable Ties
Workwear Knee Pads
Builders Gloves
Work Socks
Tape Selection
Switches / Sockets - Double
Switches / Sockets - Single

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