WWF (World Wildlife Fund) range from Great Gizmos!!

We were sent two great products from the WWF range from Great Gizmos.

The first one is the

 WWF Tropical Tumble Tower Game

This is a great game kind of like Jenga you stack the tower the same way but with this one you have beautiful patterns from Choco-Darien rainforests with butterflies, leopards and macaws,then you also have plain pieces and the WWF panda logo on some.
You have a dice and instead of numbers you have the different patterns that you have on the tower blocks.

How to play
The youngest player rolls the dice first and whichever pattern they land on is the one they have to remove,with one hand they must remove the block and place on the top in the same way as the tower has been built,if successful the play will continue in a clockwise direction.

My kids love this and sat there for a good few hours playing over and over,the most fun I think they had was when one of them knocked the tower down.I think the animal patterns are a great idea and on the back of the tube you will find some great information about the forest where these animals are found which is a really nice touch and a great way for kids to learn the fun way.

The game is perfect for 1-4 players and includes 48 FSC wood blocks from well managed forests and instructions.
Helps with fine motor skills and social skills,
Aimed at ages 3+
RRP £ 21.95.

The second product we were sent was,

WWF Penguins 1000 Piece Puzzle.

This is a lovely puzzle and it is a collage so I feel it is much nicer than just a normal one picture puzzle,on the back of the box you can find information about penguins which again is a lovely idea for kids to learn.

Each piece of the puzzle is made from a strong cardboard so I think it should last quite a while.

We are yet to complete this puzzle but the kids are having fun working together to get it done,and for once we have found something that they all love and sit happily doing together and nice and quietly :).
They have other designs on the website also.
Aimed at ages 3+
RRP £9.95.

Head on over to Great Gizmos website and check out the great ranges products they have.

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