Schleich Comic Figure Review!

We were sent one of the DC Comics set Range from Schleich to review,when it came my oldest son grabbed it and said that he was keeping it but I was not allowed to take it out of the box,At the moment he has a thing for keeping anything like this in its boxes so whatever makes him happy.I can work around that.

We received the Batman and Joker set.

As with all of the Schleich products we have they all are extremely well made and sturdy I know that when JR decides he wants them out of the box they will withstand plenty or rough play with the kids.
These are suitable for ages 3+ but kids of any age that love superheros will love these,my youngest son loves them too but has to share them with JR who refuses to let anyone play with them,he did say to me the other day that these were not for playing with by him and certainly not little man,those were his words lol.

I think these are really great and I think they are of high quality will make a great toy or to be collected and kept just like JR wants to do,now all I have to do is go and buy him the other set which is,
These will make great gifts for any superhero loving kid boys and girls although mine are not really that interested they leave all that to Their brothers :).

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