Great Gizmos Nici!

The kids are always sent some great products to play with and to use and the youngest 2 were in for a treat this time with some great products sent from Great Gizmos NICI range.

We were sent the following,

1 x back pack Timmy Time
1 x Plush Pouch Roll
1 x Pencil set
1 x Wild Friends Scissors

The Timmy Time back pack is super cute little madam thinks it is great and wants to take it everywhere with her,

The head pulls up for the opening of the backpack,
RRP £24.99
Aimed at ages 3+
This backpack would be great for school or anytime.

The scissors have an RRP of £4.99 they have a lovely design on them,Hubby was actually using them to cut something as we could not find our other scissors and he was quite surprised that they were quite sharp I think he expected them to be really blunt,but as long as children are supervised at all times when handling these there should be no problem.

The plush pouch roll pencil case again has a lovely design little man has claimed this for school so the one I brought him not long ago has been pushed to the side lol. As you can see from the pictures above it has a zipped compartment and then the wrap around part, This has an RRP of £13.49 and aimed at ages 3+.

Lastly we have the Kangaroo coloured pencil set and what is great about this is that all of the pencils are double ended so you have 12 pencils and 24 colours.
I think it is a great idea less space needed to keep them all but a great range of colours needed.
This has an RRP or £7.99.

These are a great selection of products from the Nici range that would be perfect for any child for school or home.

You can find the products on the links below.

Back pack Timmy Time.

Plush Pouch Roll.

Pencil set.

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