Cra-Z-Sand Deluxe Playset!!

Cra-Z-Sand is a great new playset from Character-Online.

CraZSand is the amazing NEW mess-free way to mould sand indoors and outdoors. It's easy to mould and release; it's fun to shape it, you can feel it move and watch it flow and it never dries out! You can play with again and again!
 The kids were really excited for the fact they could play with sand indoors for once since I was assured that is was not messy.

In the pack there is,
1 x Tray,
1 x Roller,
3 x Shaping Tools,
1.5lbs (0.7kg) of Cra-z-sand.

The sand has a reusable bag so once you are done it is so easy to gather it up and put it away in the bag and it does not dry out,no stains and of course no mess.

We had packed away all the kids beach toys so did not have any moulds to hand since we were sorting and packing stuff in the house away,but even without them they had plenty of fun and I love how easy it is to clean up the oldest took charge of tidying it away and I found no trace of it.

I would recommend this to any parent it is a really great playset and my kids all really enjoyed it,They have been begging me to find all Their beach toys so they can play with this more.

You can buy extra sand re-fills in different colours,a cars theme pack and a super sand playset which includes moulds.

This Playset RRP is £19.99
Aimed at ages 4+

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