Check Out The Amazing Candle Gallery!!

I love anything to do with candles and I have found a great company along my search,
The Candle Gallery Sell some really beautiful oil lamps but not just ordinary oil lamps these have beautiful silk flowers in them.

Each one is handmade and honestly look just as good without being lit and left as a decorative item in you home,The quality is really great and I was sent a couple to see what I think.

There is different ranges of silk flowers,

Poppy Range which I love,

Purple pansy,
White orchid

Roses,there is red and cream,

 To be honest I am yet to burn mine as I just love the way it looks,they are so pretty and very well made.
each one is filled with Bio-oil which is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and a perfect alternative to traditional paraffin lamp oil, they provide a delicate subtle lighting environment.
Bio Oil is harmless if accidentally ingested non-toxic and produces far fewer particulates. It’s much safer and cleaner for your home.

Prices start from £19.95 for 200ml size.

What do you think of these? They are a perfect and unusual gift to give to someone and even keep for yourself.

If you head on over to the website you will find more range of products on offer,there is also outdoor oil lamps made from slate.

I would recommend this company,Sabine who owns it is very helpful and will help you out with anything you need.
Prices are really good for the quality of product and shipping is fast.


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