Cake Fail, #AldiFavouriteThings!!!

We thought we would make a special cake since it was Easter and also because we shared that amazing cake from Aldi,

Well lets just say ours turned in to a complete mess but the kids still loved it.

It was supposed to be a chick which looked OK till it had the butter cream all over it so we gave up and just enjoyed it lol.

The chicks beak fell off to start with and then my youngest two decided that it should just have little flowers all over it instead I think this was more because they wanted to eat it right away they are so impatient,

So the two layers are simply a chocolate sponge topped with my kids favourite the Aldi Chocolate spread.

Then Red velvet cake and everything topped off with chocolate butter-cream and we were going to put chocolate mini eggs around it but when I went to grab some the kids and Hubby had finished them all.

So that is our Easter cake it tasted good even though it looked a mess I will never be able to make one as great as the Aldi one that's for sure lol.

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