Homemade Scotch Eggs!!

My lovely hubby brought me a new toy for the kitchen which I have wanted for a while.

Electric meat grinder
First thing I decided to use it for was to make some home made Scotch eggs,but instead of just using sausage meat we decided to have a little of everything.
We took a little pork,beef chicken and turkey I know may not sound that appetising but believe me it was really good.
Add a little salt and some herbs wrapped it around the boiled eggs and covered in breadcrumbs.
We oven baked these as we were having them for the kids party we ran for Blaze and the Machines twitter party and I really do not like to fry a lot of things any more everything tastes better baked.

We cut them up for the kids and they all loved them and I have to admit they did taste really good.
Being able to make your own mince is the best since you are able to mince up any meat and mix them together to be able to make so many things.

This and my bread maker are my two favourite things in my kitchen.

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  1. They look and sound yummy - we love scotch eggs here, they're a firm picnic staple in this house!
    You can never have enough kitchen gadgets and I think I may now need one of these grinders too! :-)