Get your garden ready for summer with Aldi! On sale 19th March while stocks last!!!

Aldi have a new Spring Garden Prep range which goes into stores Thursday (19/03/15),  the range contains everything you'll need to spruceup your garden and have it looking in tip top condition ready for summer.

One of the most useful items on sale and that I have been sent is the Paving Brush £5.99

I am sure everyone will be happy to have one of these that is if your patio/driveway is like mine,we do not put down any kind of weed killer or anything due to our animals and so it is a complete pain when it comes to cleaning up,but with this brush life has become a little more easier,well for hubby it has lol.This is a great quality product,it is strong and seems like it will last for a long time to be honest you can be assured that Aldi always sells really high quality goods for very cheap prices.

• Heavy-duty wooden handle
• Angled wire bristles 
• Stainless steel blade 

Easily remove weeds, moss and dirt from patios and paving. 

They also have many more products including this lawnmower,

Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower £179.99 with 3 year warranty.

  • Quick release handle fixings
  • 60 litre grass collection hybrid box
  • 7 centrally adjusted cutting heights
  • 46cm cutting width.

Below you can see some pictures of some of the other items in store.

Please remember these are in store from the 19th of March until stocks last and they never last long to make sure you get in there before everyone else.

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