Frozen Elsa's Magic Snow Sleeve & Outfit!!

Tell me a little girl that does not love frozen,my 2 love the movie and of course would love to be Elsa
well my youngest got the chance to play Elsa when a lovely gift arrived in the post.

Conceal your ice powers until you're ready to 'Let It Go!' and shoot ice and snow into the world around you! The spray snow trigger is connected to the bottom of the ring so simply lift your finger to activate the magic snow.

We were sent a Magic Snow sleeve which is from Flair.RRP £29.99 aimed at ages 5+ but since there is an aerosol involved adult supervision is advised.
 This set contains 1 magic snow can and 1 refillable water bottle for endless fun!
The magic snow is silly string so it is advised that it is for outdoor use only but my oldest son being who he is just wanted to have a go before we gave it to one of the girls and ended up spraying it everywhere it was funny but then we told the girls to use it outside and when they are using the silly string not to aim it at people or the animals.
Of course with the water bottle that is a different story everyone and everything was a target and our poor dogs got a good old soaking lol.

I really only have good things to say about this as both of my girls have been having plenty of fun and freezing their brothers who play along with them which is really nice to watch,this will make a great gift and everyone will love it.Now the warm weather better hurry up so they can spend more time outside with this.

Also with the snow sleeve little madam was sent a lovely Elsa dress which is from Rubies 

It has a really lovely design as you can see above and comes with a detachable cape,To be honest little madam would not take this off at all when it came and trying to keep her out of it is even harder.We had to go shopping the other evening and she refused to go unless she could wear her dress,I let her of course and she loved the fact that other kids were telling their parents they wanted one she said it felt good lol.
This is a good quality costume as a few we have had from other companies have really been rubbish so I am pleased that this seems as though it will last a long time providing I can get it away from her.

Also Just in case you do not know Frozen Fever the new short film is out from the 27th March I am sure most of you will be checking it out and I know for a fact we will be as the girls have already told me that they must see it.

*We were sent the above items free of charge in exchange for this post all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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