Don't Miss Dreamworks "Home" In Cinemas From March 27th!!

Our kids love movies and we have just been told about one that looks like a great it is called Home.

An optimistic alien race called the Boov and led by Captain Smek invade the Earth to hide from their mortal enemy and make it their new home.Convinced that they are doing the humans a favor, they begin to relocate them to a Desert Planet.

A teenage girl named Tip, manages to avoid capture.When on the run and looking for her mother Lucy, she is accompanied by a banished Boov named Oh who has accidentally notified his people's enemies of their whereabouts.

Take a look at the trailer I am sure your kids will be as excited as mine are to go and see it.

To celebrate this brand new movie Flair have released some new toys so you can bring the movies home,We were sent a lovely package of toys.

Here is what we were sent,

Be in charge with Captain Smek’s Shusher Wand! Press the button to open the petals, activate sound and lights and reveal Captain Smek who lights up! Includes 4 funny Captain Smek phrases from the movie that kids will love uses  2 x AAA batteries which are included.
RRP £9.99.These toys are for ages 3+

Boov Mood Ears 15 moods to recreate or create your own! Available in 6 colours.
RRP £3.99

We also got a really cute plush,
 3 styles include: Oh, Captain Smek and Pig (each sold separately).
RRP £6.99.

Also in our box were some popcorn,pick and mix and a voucher for us to go and watch the movie which we will be as my two youngest have been talking about it since the day the box arrived lol.

From the short trailer we have seen I think it is going to be a great movie and so on the 27th March drop what you are doing and head on down to your local cinema.

*We received a selection of toys and a cinema voucher in exchange for this post all opinions are our own.*

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