Disney Princess Palace Pets Walking and Wiggling Pet!!

If you read my blog often you would of seen our Palace Pets reviews which little madam loves,Well now we bring you another one but with a difference.

Disney Princess  Palace Pets Walking and Wiggling Pet - Treasure

Enter the magical realm of the Palace Pets, a world of loveable animals who adore spending time with their favourite Disney Princesses. These sweet pets are all different, but each one loves to be pampered, cuddled and cared for.
The difference between this one and all the others we have is that this one walks, wiggles and wags it tail when you pull it back. 

Little madam had lots of fun with this although we ended up having to keep the dogs away from it as they thought it was something to chase and eat which madam thought was really funny.It actually moves quite quick and we had it bumping in to walls and all sorts lol.
Apparently this is her favourite of all the palace pets her reason is that because it moves it is much more fun. 

Personally I think this is a great addition to the range and I can see lots of kids wanting to add this to Their collection of Palace Pets.I would 100% recommend this range to anyone. 

You can find out about this Palace pet and all the others on Character-Online.

RRP £9.99
Aimed at ages 4+

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