Aldi has revealed an incredible Crowd Sourced Easter Cake!!

Now I know you are probably thinking what the heck am I on about well,

Following research revealing the nation’s favourite fillings, flavours and 31 hours of baking, Aldi has created Britain’s first ever crowd sourced cake

The cake features 5 layers and a whopping 39 ingredients. 

The country's first ever 'crowd sourced' cake revealed today, was based on the findings of a study of over 2,000 people commissioned by supermarket Aldi, resulting in a monumental sweet treat, featuring 352 mini chocolate eggs.

Over a third (36%) of Brits said that chocolate sponge was the most likely to get their taste buds tingling, followed by
cheesecake (33%),
fruit cake (30%),
carrot cake (29%) and Victoria sponge (24%)

This is reflected in the intricate creation.
And when it comes to filling, cream came up trumps with over half of those surveyed (53%), followed by chocolate (37%),
strawberry jam (25%), and raspberry jam (23%), and almost half preferred their cake embellished with chocolate eggs (48%).

Decoration scored highly on the cake wish list with more than 1 in 10 (12%) wanting to see edible decorations adorn their perfect cake.

The crowd-sourced Easter cake was created using the Aldi Specialbuys kitchen range and crafted by Great British Bake Off finalist and cookery book writer Miranda Gore Browne.

Miranda Gore Browne, Great British Bake Off finalist and cookery book writer, said: “Cake is engrained in British culture; it’s part of family life, so I’m not surprised that we’re so pernickety when it comes to the ideal slice. To capture the tastes of the nation in one brilliant cake is quite a feat. 
“Of course, not everyone can create something so ambitious – stacking five different layers proved a particular challenge to say the least. My biggest worry was how I was going to cut an enormous slice of the cake, so I was thrilled and very relieved when it came out perfectly! This is certainly a showstopper of a cake but it does show how you can create your favourite things with low cost kitchen essentials.”

Giles Hurley, MD for buying at Aldi says; “There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than with what is possibly one of the nation’s favourite things…Cake. We were keen to find out how the nation would vote when it comes to flavours and fillings, and hope the impressive creation inspires people to create their very own treats, using their favourite ingredients. 
 “We pride ourselves on opening up often costly hobbies to our shoppers at a fraction of their normal price. Our Specialbuys offer customers a fantastic saving on outstanding quality products and our baking range is no exception

Aldi Specialbuys are available in store on selected dates throughout the year, while stocks lastso keep an eye out for them and I personally can vouch for the great quality of the different products having used a great deal of them.

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  1. I just can't get my head around cakes like this (figuratively and literally). How do you eat them?