Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset !!

You all know by now my kids get a lot of great toys to review and this is no exception the Shopkins Playsets  "So Cool Fridge Playset" from Flair.

Shopkins are cute, fun, small characters that live in a big shopping world there are Over 100 different Shopkins characters per series.

 Find your Shopkins inside adorable shopping bags Aisles of fun shopping themes to collect.

 New characters every 3 months Look out for the special finish Ultra Rare characters 

All playsets have movable, interactive features. Playsets connect together to create one large supermarket.

Display and play with the 'So Cool' Fridge Playset Includes an ice dispenser, an egg seesaw, fridge stickers and removable trays. This playset also comes with 2 exclusive characters, 6 mini Shopkins eggs and a collectors guide.

Little madam was really happy to get this as she has seen Shopkins before and has been asking for some for a while.Her exact words words when she saw this were "Oh wow  thanks mummy your the best,can we get some more"Looks like I am in trouble.
She loves the ice dispenser and keeps on sending the sundae through it.

My thoughts are that this is a really cute toy and great for collecting I am sure little madam will be collecting as many as she can and putting the shopkins on birthday and Christmas lists to come.

Having the fridge stickers is a great idea to give the fridge a bit of a personal touch,and the little egg see-saw is really cute.

This is aimed at ages 5 +
RRP £14.99. 

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