#AldiChallenge Our Final Savings--A look Back!!

Have you been taking part in our AldiChallenge and seeing how much money you can save.

We have been through 4 great weeks with DIY products,Kitchen and lots of Goodies for the kids.
This week we were tasked with how much could we save on our weekly shop and well I did not manage to do a full shop yet but the bits and pieces I have picked up today have already saved me money.

One of the main things I need in the house is puff pastry as I hate making it myself each pack is 59pence which is great and it also is great quality I found 2 different packs so have tried them both out. We make a lot of pies like steak and kidney and sweet pies which will be shared in future posts

Fruit for the pies is much better to buy from Aldi also as you get a great selection in the freezer section again these are great quality and we love them.

We also get through a lot of spaghetti which we can buy from Aldi for 20pence per pack great price when you have to buy lots like we do we buy around 15 packs at a time so we do not have to keep going back and forwards to the shop.

Got a selection of sandwiches for the kids they love the Aldi sandwiches and each is £1.39 so I am more than happy to buy these for us and the kids if we are out and kids are complaining that they are hungry.

I was so happy to find Bockwurst in there costing I think £1.69 made sure I got a few jars of these.

As for alcohol this bottle of beer is £1.50 and one of hubz favs that he will drink in the other big stores its between £1.69-£1.99 so a good enough saving.

This Carlsberg is only £7.49 for 12 x 440ml cans.
Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding I just brought these from somewhere else for hubz and I valentines I really wish I would of waited as I could of brought them cheaper in Aldi
They also have some great special offers on fruit and veg with a certain selection like cherry tomatoes and garlic being just 59pence a pack,

Even though I have not managed to buy all my shopping this week yet we had a good look around and worked out what we will be buying every week.

Even though the challenge maybe over you can still take part and see how much you can save on your shopping,and actually I already have my eye on 19th Feb deals which include £3.99 Chinese takeaway meal for 2 and a few kitchen gadgets a keep warm kettle and food possessor which I really need as ours just died.There is also some deals on plants like raspberry and roses.

So far I can tell you that we will be saving around £50 per week now I am not good at maths but that is over £2000 per year and that is a huge saving and lets be honest the quality and freshness of Aldi is a lot better than you can get in most other stores around.I have been thinking of all the things we can do with the money we save and our kids having been telling me plenty of things lol.

Head on down to Aldi and save money every week not just on food shopping but great clothing and products for your home and garden.

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