Pizza Express Review!

On Wednesday last week Hubs and I finally managed to have a nice lunch together which we hardly ever have time to do with everything else going on.

We were invited to head on down to our local branch of Pizza Express at Braehead and first off let me start by saying sorry that there is not as many photos as I wanted to get but I mean you know what are you supposed to do when all you want to do is eat.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Chris who made us feel very welcome and once we had decided where to sit brought us over our menus,we chose the real comfy seats and also at this time (12pm) there was not too many people which is how I like it.

We decided on what drinks we would have,

For me I decided on a bottle of Aspall Blush which is really good it is apple and blackberry cider.I was also offered ice in mine which was good because I have been to some places and they totally forget this.
Hubs decided on a bottle of Peroni,
What I thought was nice also was that the drinks were not just put in any old glasses they were put in ones that had the drinks names on them.

Chris also brought us over a large jug of ice water.

 Next up was decision time for the food.

Yep plenty to choose from Hubs knew what he wanted before I did of course that is a woman's prerogative.

While we were waiting for our starters Steven who is the manager at this branch came over and introduce himself,make sure we were happy and if there was anything else we needed which I thought was nice he was.

For Starters I had

 Dough Balls Formaggi,
Dough balls rolled and baked with Gran Moravia cheese, served with garlic butter.

These were so delicious and I really enjoyed them,cooked really well nice and soft in the middle and the garlic butter was just right.

Hubs Choice was Leggera Gamberetti Piccante,
Prawns in a passata sauce, with chilli flakes, garlic oil, spinach and santos tomatoes, finished with parsley.
And this is under 210 calories.  Hubs said it was full of flavour and he really enjoyed it,I tasted a little and it was nice not too hot and the prawns were cooked perfect.

Next up for main

I had Romana Etna pizza,
Spicy hot soft 'nduja sausage, fiery roquito peppers, pancetta, mozzarella, tomato and Gran Moravia cheese,
Yeah so erm it was massive lol.Chris said that if I could not finish it then they would box it up so I could take it home,I have had this before but I am sure it was not this hot before my mouth was on fire.
Steven came over and was chatting about how it was named after the volcano all I could think about was my mouth was about to explode like a volcano it was that hot lol.

Hubs had first asked for  Risotto Pollo Funghi but Steven let us know they had ran out of Risotto and that They were really sorry Hubby decided to then get the Pollo Pesto we really did not mind that the risotto had run out but Steven said that they would put everything that the Pollo Funghi had but swap the risotto with pasta.

This looks tasty don't it? Hubs again really enjoyed it and it filled him up he said that it was tasty and full of flavour.

We both had a side I had  Ceasar salad
Cos lettuce, Gran Moravia cheese, anchovies, croutons, Caesar dressing
For hubs
Rocket and shaved Gran Moravia cheese with black truffle oil and black pepper
The salad was fresh with lots of flavour.

Half way through the pizza I just could not eat any more so asked if They could box up the rest,Chris asked if I did not like it and said that if I was not happy they could get me a new different pizza but I was honestly just could not eat anymore.

Lastly it was time for dessert and coffee.

Hubs went for the

Leggera Sorbet

Two scoops of lemon curd or dairy-free raspberry sorbet served with a chocolate straw and fresh mint.
He decided on the dairy-free raspberry which I tasted and was amazing.
For me I was all about the

Honeycomb Cream Slice

Sweet honeycomb and chocolate pieces in a light cream, on a layer of salted caramel and crunchy biscuit
 I had the choice of ice cream or fresh cream I chose the cream.

This is so tasty homemade taste rather that something that has been mass produced.

For coffee I chose the Baileys coffee and hubs had the Irish Coffee.

Now that was a lot of food to get through and I still had pizza to take home.
We finished up and made sure we went over to say thank you to the chef James for the great food.

This was a great visit we were made to feel very welcome and not enough could be done for us,we enjoyed the food and will for sure be returning again.

Once again thank you to Steven,Chris and James.


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