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Godiva Christmas Chocolates!!

Godiva Chocolates have a lovely selection for your to treat yourself to this Christmas.

Christmas Pouch £11. 50

This limited edition pouch is bursting with individually wrapped, melt-in-the-mouth squares of smooth milk chocolate. Decorated with gold stars and Christmas elves, the pouch is great as a gift and perfect for sharing.

From John Lewis, all Godiva stores and at www.godivachocolates.co.uk

Christmas Box £27. 25

Inspire rounds of smiles this Christmas with GODIVA’s enchanting 20 piece gift box. Sure to add an air of indulgence to your celebrations, the carefully selected premium GODIVA chocolates are complemented by 2 limited edition seasonal pieces (Milk Almond and Dark Sea Salt).

From John Lewis, Godiva stores and www.godivachocolates.co.uk

Truffle Box 12 pcs. £23

An exquisite assortment of tender truffles have been lovingly enrobed in white, milk or dark chocolate and topped off with layers of delicious toppings, sure to bring unadulterated pleasure to all who enjoy them.

From John Lewis, Godiva stores and www.godivachocolates.co.uk

Creative Gifts From The Works!

The Works have a great range of fun gifts for everyone,here a few creative ones.

Animorphia Colouring Book As the adult colouring book trend continues to grip the nation, the Animorphia Colouring Book offers a huge collection of detailed drawings of animals, shape-shifting aliens and breath-taking scenes

 Available from in-store at The Works or TheWorks.co.uk for £5

 Build Your Own Rocket
This fun rocket kit is perfect for those who have out-of-the world ambitions. Become a rocket scientist and build a rocket from scratch with easy instructions and illustrated steps. Once the rocket has been built, be prepared for hours of fun with your very own rocket.

Available from in-store at The Works or TheWorks.co.uk for £7 (or 2 for £10)

 Marvel Notebook
The perfect stocking filler, this notebook is designed with all of the well-known Marvel characters. Filled with lined pages, it’s ideal for use at both school and in the office.

Available from in-store at The Works or TheWorks.co.uk for £2

 Star Wars Colouring Set
This colouring set is a must-have for any Star Wars lover. Filled with a paint set, Star Wars-themed colouring pencils, and much more, it’ll keep the kids entertained for hours over Christmas.

Available from in-store at The Works or TheWorks.co.uk for £6

QI launches range of Quite Interesting gifts, toys and puzzles!

From the brains behind the BBC TV show QI comes this range of Quite Interesting gifts, toys, puzzles and experiments to keep adults and children entertained for hours. Available to purchase in stores and online now, the range, created in association with WOW! Stuff, encompasses the QI ethos.

Befuddle your senses with square bubbles, sand that can't get wet, and incredible optical illusions. Test your dexterity by making magnets bounce and sing or by constructing your own desktop castle. And be entertained every time you drink tea or check your calendar - with the fact-and-quote-filled QI mug and desktop calendar. All curious minds, whether young or.... less young, will find something to catch their attention in this brand new range of fantastic QI products.


Hydrophobic Sand has been treated with a silicon gas to cover the sand particles, so as soon as they come out of the water they are bone dry! This product will amaze family and friends. Also included is Sand-Putty - it’s so amazingly tactile!
A specially formulated sand that can be molded in to any shape, sculpted with a tool to make impressive structures, or simply played with.£12.99

Younger Children Classic Xmas Gifts!!

Tobar has a lovely collection of toys which make classic Christmas gifts for younger children.

Bump N Go Bubble Train.

Brightly coloured train toy that moves along the ground, makes noises and blows bubbles from its chimney. When activated, the train rolls forward whilst making chugging train noises, producing a vast and continuous plume of bubbles. It's almost cartoon like in appearance, able to capture the imagination of children from the shelf or after the briefest of demonstrations. This fantastic Bubble Train has been designed and built exclusively for Tobar and makes a stand-out addition to any toy collection.

Christmas In CandyLand!!

This Christmas the ultimate nostalgia-fest comes courtesy of Candyland,who will be helping sweet lovers to take their taste buds back in time for a flavour of Christmas past.

Bursting with memories,the sweet champions tin will have all the family feeling like kids as they settle in for a classic Christmas film or a night of gift wrapping and tree decorating.

And for those that know exactly what they like (who are usually impossible to choose gifts for!) the giant tubes of old favorites will be sure to raise a smile on Christmas morning.

Available in stores now.

Butterkist Limited Edition Christmas PopCorn!!

Popping with festive flavours, Butterkist's gingerbread flavour popcorn is brand new to shelves this year.

Whether your usual Christmas treat is a mince pie or Christmas pudding,this limited edition flavour mash up is a moreish addition to the Christmas cupboard.

In Stores Now.
150g bag £1.49

Creative Gifts For Children!

A lovely selection of creative gifts for children.

Stocking Filler Toys!

Here are some great little Toys perfect for putting in stockings.

Best Toys For Pre-School Children!

Here are some of the best toys for children of a pre-school age.

Best Toys For Girls!

Here are some great gifts for the little princess in your life!

Best Toys For Boys!!

Here is a great selection of Toys for boys that any boy will love to find under the tree this year.

Have your Christmas cake and drink it too with Beinn Dubh ruby black whisky!!

Beinn Dubh single malt whisky, is the perfect gift this Christmas: with hints of rich, decadent chocolate – as well as fruit and currants – it’s just like Christmas cake in a glass.

For those who love rich traditional fruit cake, Beinn Dubh captures the taste perfectly – without the months of preparation that goes into making one.

NEW Braun Series 3 with newly-designed and innovative MicroComb Technology!!

Men have been removing their facial hair for thousands of years, and they have been using various means to do so. The situation that men face today is that they are busier than they’ve ever been and are constantly seeking new ways to master their daily routines with agility and speed, leaving them time to get on with what they enjoy in life. Braun, as the maker of the world’s best-selling foil shaver, the Braun Series 3, continues to innovate and to improve the NEW Series 3 shaver generation with a newly designed and innovative feature that makes the task of shaving faster than ever yet with the same close, comfortable shave.

Add Christmas glamour to your table with new retro festive condiments!!

The British Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a choice of must-have accompaniments for a mouthwatering festive feast.
This year, add festive charm to the table with Colman’s classic range of British condiments that have been redesigned with vintage labels, taking inspiration from original designs, for the Christmas season.
Whether it’s mint sauce adding a taste of the kitchen-garden to your lamb, British bramley apple sauce to add sweetness to your stuffing, horseradish to add a fiery kick to your beef or tangy cranberry to complement the richness of your chicken or turkey, make sure the best condiments grace your table this festive season.  

Energise with AM/PM Yoga for Beginners from Roxy Shahidi !!

Roxy Shahidi, TV soap actress and certified yoga instructor proudly presents AM/PM Yoga for Beginners

AM/PM Yoga for Beginners is designed to provide an energising boost to your morning and a relaxing, wind-down in the evening, this DVD is set to revolutionise the way many of us approach yoga.  Modern life has become so hectic and stressful that there’s often little time to invigorate and nurture ourselves. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners with Roxy Shahidi is designed to help everyone start and finish their day in a balanced state of well-being.

Nelsons Natural World- Gifts Under £10- Stocking Fillers!!


There’s no escaping the fact that the festive season approaches faster and faster every year. Christmas trees spring up in all their decorated glory well in advance of December, and the pre-planned purchasing of gifts often begins as early as January.

With family and friends having different tastes, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect presents. From friends partial to beauty products, to family members who are self-confessed fitness fanatics, Nelsons has compiled some gift ideas, and all for under £10. Nelsons Natural World

For those who like nothing more than to relax and unwind after a busy day, Nelsons Arnicare® Arnica Bath & Massage Balm, is a dual purpose balm enriched with Evening Primrose and rich Sweet Almond oil to naturally hydrate the skin. Designed for massaging into tired muscles or for use in a relaxing bath following a hectic day, the natural properties of Arnica Montana extract and sweet scents of Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils help calm senses and relax the mind. It’s the perfect present for mum to help her unwind after a busy Christmas. 

Standeazy A Great Little Stocking Filler!!

Credit card sized phone stand
Works with smartphones (also the larger ones) and mini tablets/e-readers
Fits in any card wallet
from £2.99
Stocked at: DreamGB, Amazon, Etsy, Standeazy.com

There’s a hole in my stocking, dear Liza, dear Liza… 
Get a Standeazy and make your Christmas stockings happy!

It’s definitely no longer summer, and if we are honest, Christmas is actually just around the corner. On go the woolies and we count your blessings when we get home dry. It also means we need to start the annual hunt for stocking fillers and smaller gifts that don't break the bank and aren’t useless tat.
Wondering what on earth we could get dad who has everything, mum who doesn’t quite know what she wants and those teenagers – well, let’s not mention them too much.

Stocking fillers are notoriously hard to find and research can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare when you are looking for something ‘a bit different’ that doesn’t come with a surprising price tag. Inexpensive choices become quickly limited and frustratingly dull.

That’s where Standeazy is a simple choice for every budget.

Start Christmas shopping early with Aldi's Men's Gift ranges!!

Ok so it is getting closer to Christmas it is time to start thinking about getting the gifts ready if you have not already.

There is to be 4 different ranges going on sale the first goes in to stores Sunday the 8th November and while stocks last and they will be gone quick so make sure you get down there soon.

SMART WATCH - £29.99

Using the latest smart/Bluetooth® technology, this water resistant watch links to smartphones and iPads for easy access to calls, emails and apps.


Whether you’re an avid mountain hiker, spontaneous camper, or you simply enjoy walking outdoors - Aldi Specialbuys’ latest great value collection will shield you from the elements, without breaking the bank, so you can spend more time in the great outdoors.

Beginners can be fully kitted out in quality gear for just £71 – Parka Jacket (£29.99), Thermal Trousers (£11.99), Structured Fleece (£9.99), Walking Shoes (£14.99) and Walking Socks (£3.99) -while expert hikers can update their wardrobe with durable clothing and accessories, such as Thermal Base Layers (£9.99).

Vodka Martini From Aldi!!

With James Bond Spectre in cinema today why not head down to Aldi and pick up the ingredients and make yourself a lovely drink thats shaken not stirred :)

This looks amazing and I know I will be heading down to Aldi and making this.

Enjoy !!!


Make sure your Bonfire Night party goes off with a bang with Aldi’s fantastic selection of fireworks and bonfire Specialbuys.

For those who want to put on a spectacular show for friends and family this Guy Fawkes Night (5th November) and Diwali (11th November), there’s the Detonator (£39.99) which fires mixed coloured stars across the sky with loud crackles and coloured bursts.

The Blasting Barrel (£9.99), lives up to its name, erupting with high silver plumes while changing colour and creating loud crackling white flashes. And if you’re aiming high, why not go for the Air Strike (£19.99) which lights up the night’s sky with rockets that can reach up to 80 metres!

For younger children and those with pets, try the Merlin (£19.99) or Astro (£4.99) selection boxes which are packed with colourful displays, minus the loud bangs. The Merlin also comes with a firework safety lighter.

 Finally, adults and children will love Aldi’s 18” Giant Sparklers (£1.69) which are extra-long and last up to two minutes so the fun can last even longer. Make sure that your bonfire is the best on the block, by picking up Aldi’s essential Heat Logs (£2.99), Kiln Dried Logs (£3.99) and Firelighters (£0.79).

With products ranging from £1.39 to £39.99 and with celebrations such as Guy Fawkes Night and Diwali just around the corner, there has never been a better time to stock up.

We will for sure be heading to Aldi to pick up a selection of Their Bonfire goodies,Not sure on the fireworks yet as there are too many animals around here for me to be comfortable having any but Aldi has a great selection for those who want to have a great fireworks night just remember to stay safe.

Aldi Specialbuys Fireworks and Bonfire ranges are on sale on 15th and 18th October 2015, but be quick as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Fireworks - On sale 15.10.15 while stocks last

Detonator    £39.99      
Air Strike    £19.99      
Merlin    £19.99      
Power Finale     £19.99      
Gemini    £14.99      
Jet Blast    £12.99      
Blasting Barrel    £9.99      
Mega Blaster    £9.99      
Power Storm    £9.99      
Astro    £4.99      
Loud & Clear    £4.99      
Star Striker    £4.99      
Screeching Serpent    £3.99      
18" Giant Sparklers    £1.69      
10" Sparklers    £1.39   

Bonfire - On sale 18.10.15 while stocks last

Kiln Dried Logs     £3.99      
Smokeless Coal    £3.99      
Heat Logs    £2.99      
Kindling     £1.99      
Firelighters     £0.79   

Coronation Street The Tour !!

Ok so on the 1st of the month it was a day out for Hubby and I while kiddies where at school and also were being picked up and taken care of after school so what to do for a whole day?

Well we were given the opportunity to go on the corrie tour :).Coronation Street left Here in 2013 in December for Their new filming location at Media City around 5 miles away.

We left home after we took the kids to school it was a few hours driving and we were booked in for one of the afternoon tours,first stop of course was something to eat in the Trafford Center then excitedly off to find our way to the Iconic street.


Good tools not only make the job easier, they’re a worthwhile investment too. Aldi’s Air Compressor and Building ranges have all you need to undertake DIY and redecorating jobs without breaking the bank and are available in stores on 27th September while stocks last. Sorry everyone I only just found out about this myself but if you get down to your local store I am sure you will still be able to grab a bargain.

Air Compressor
2.5hp Air Compressor (£89.99)
Aldi’s impressive 2.5hp Air Compressor will help save time and money when tackling big DIY projects. With a 24 litre tank, outlet pressure regulator and ergonomically designed handle and wheels for easy movement, the tool is a must for cutting down on clean-up time in the workshop.  

Key Features:
1.8kw power
           2850rpm speed
8 bar max. pressure
24 litre tank
Valve and safety valve
Outlet pressure regulator
Ergonomically designed handle
Wheels for easy movement

Happy New Month!!

So it is officially October and Halloween is just around the corner as my kids like to remind me on a daily basis,This year they are having a little party with Their friends rather than Trick Or Treating as the oldest 2 are complaining they are too big to go lol.

In other news,our new freezer is working a treat packed full and giving no problems so money well spent in my eyes.

Yes I have a weakness for pies lol.if you are wondering why the freezer looks full of bags thats meat we got from the butcher came home really late in the night so just had to chuck it all in the freezer luckily it is all cut and sorted already.


Whether you’re trick or treating, or hosting this year’s Halloween party, Aldi has a ghoulishly good range of Halloween costumes and accessories in store on 1st October, while stocks last.

Bloodcurdling Costumes
Aldi has something for everybody including Children’s Dressing Up Sets (£3.99) from witches and ‘baterella’ costumes to vampire and skeleton outfits. The range includes a Halloween Tutu Set (£1.99) and freakishly cool Children’s Halloween Tights (£1.29) in black and red stripes.

Trick or Treat Tins (£1.79) come in a choice of four fun designs, making candy collecting even more exciting this year.


Here’s your chance to win two brilliant new children’s games from Drumond Park.  Both of them are for little ones – the Barbecue Party action game (rrp £19.99, age 4+) and the Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad electronic board game (rrp £22.99, age 5+) will keep smaller family members and their friends happily occupied for hours and hours this Autumn. They are both perfect for play dates, visits to and from the grandparents - and for popping in your suitcase when and if you are going away!

-ALDI LAUNCHES NEW CYCLING RANGE- On Sale From Sept 24TH While Stocks Last!!

The Aldi Specialbuys cycling range is back and better than ever before, with a wide selection of new and improved clothing and accessories for casual and commuter cyclists, as well as high performance pro-cycling gear for the more serious rider. From high tech pro-gear and cleaning products, to turbo trainers and tyre sealant, Aldi has everything you need to go the distance this winter. The range will be rolling into stores on 24th September and available while stocks last.

Garmin Edge 500 (£79.99)
An absolute must for every budding tour cyclist; enabling you to track speed, distance, position, altitude, climb, descent and heart rate, all from just one lightweight, multifunctional device. This ANT+ power meter compatible GPS gadget is a motivational, virtual training partner perfect for performance driven cyclists.

Turbo Trainer (£49.99)
When the weather really is too much to bear, or if you’re keen to keep training throughout winter in the comfort of your home, Aldi’s Turbo Trainer is the ideal solution. Compact and easy to store, this fantastic device features a handlebar mounted lever, adjust resistance and riser block.

Pro-Cycling Gear
Men’s & Ladies’ Pro-Cycling Performance Jersey (£29.99)

No keen cyclist should be without this high spec Cycling Jersey, which is ideal for layering and keeping warm, and providing the perfect combination of high functionality and modern style. Made with breathable Lycra material and with additional features such as a stand-up collar, built-in dry faster moisture zones for temperature regulation, as well as ‘PerEffect’ material and YKK zips, look no further if high performance is your goal.