My Style Shrink Design Jewellery!

A great gift this Christmas for girls is this My Style Shrink Design Jewellery from Interplay.

Who’d have thought such beautiful jewellery could be made from simple shrink plastic? With MyStyle Shrink-it Jewellery girls can spend hours of fun creating bright, edgy and ultra-trendy accessories.


Using the shrink plastic sheets and the high quality components provided, 7 pieces of fabulous jewellery can be created including a stylish star necklace and some stunning angel wing earrings. With a little practice and the help of the 32-page colour illustrated activity guide you can build on your existing skills. Once you’ve learnt the techniques, you can get creative with your very own designs.

  • Shrink-Plastic Sheets
  • 30 x Jump Rings
  • 3 x Clasps
  • 6 x Clamshell Clasps
  • 4 x Earring Hooks
  • 240 Seed Beads (3 colours)
  • 1m x Plastic Stretch Cord
  • 3m x Black Cord
  • Mini Hole Punch
  • 32 Page Instruction Manual
My daughter decided that she wanted to use our own designs so we did our own on the shrink plastic just for a test I have to admit we kind of messed it up lol.

We did a dalmatian,Dora and a giraffe but the giraffe got messed up as you really have to be careful when you cut the plastic as it can crack and it did.

The other two were good I forgot to make some space to put the punch hole on the Dalmatian but Madam did not mind she just wanted it as it was and Dora got a little bump between the eyes. 

You can also colour in your designs which make them look amazing.

This is aimed at 8+ but adult supervision is advised due to the use of the oven and probably some help cutting out the designs if needed.

Once you have drawn your designs you cut them out and then place them on the cardboard provided in to a pre heated oven for a short time it really does not take long at all.

Once all is finished and you have shrunk the design you can go ahead and make a necklace,earrings or bracelet.

Head on over to the website and check it out HERE.
Aimed at ages 8+
RRP £9.99

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