#DoraAndFriends My Thoughts!

So as most of you will know we have been having lots of fun for the past 2 hours watching the new in the city which the first episode was called Doggie day.

A little about the show Dora and her friends were having a dog adoption day which is a great subject by the way..there was one little puppy that had lost his brothers so Dora and one of Her friends helped to find them while doing that they managed to have lots of songs and learning to speak Spanish along the way.

My kids loved it and so did little madams friends.for me I think that as always Dora concentrated on a good topic and as well as teaching little bits of Spanish also teach compassion, love and friendship  Dora is one show that I would never stop my kids from watching as there is never anything that could be considered as teaching the wrong thing.

Both of my daughters have loved Dora and my oldest was really happy that Dora has grown so she feels like she wants to watch her as it does not seem like something for only little kids. She also loves that Dora has a smart phone with apps like map app.So Dora is also very updated and with the times.

I can also tell you that it is not only good for the kiddies but us adults too the songs are really really catchy and I now have one stuck in my head and I just want to burst out in song lol.

I will give the new in the city a 10/10

If you did not get to see it today there will be other episodes all this week at 5pm check it out.

We had pizza and dough balls,popcorn and cupcakes that the kids decorated themselves so we are all full,about to say bye to our guest clean up and relax :).

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