WWE Stackdown Starter Pack from Flair

We were sent the WWE Stackdown Starter Set Santino Marella's Cobra Cage for my son to have a go at building and it is aimed at ages 6+ my youngest son also wanted to have a go so with his brothers help the two of them sat down happily for around 45minutes building it together.

There are 4 different sets to collect each one is priced at £9.99.

This 70 piece set includes a 5.7cm Santino Marella figure, a sock puppet snake just like the real thing, a punching dummy and a custom Santino piece!

WWE StackDown figures have 12 points of articulation and innovative snap fit design so you can brawl and pose with the most dynamic action! Build, Brawl and Rebuild! 

Defeat your opponents and throw them into the Cobra Cage with real working doors! Compatible with other Stackdown playsets.

They got on really well with it and only had a little problem with some of the bricks staying together so got Their dad to help as it needed a little stronger hand to push some of them together.

Other than that it is a great little set and the boys had lots of fun playing with this once it was built.

For more please check out Flair's Website.

RRP £9.99
Aimed at ages 6+

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