What A Breakfast!

This morning once the kids were up (Half term already here) I asked them all what they wanted for breakfast.

Everyone gave me normally answers...Toast,cereal,juice but then I get to our youngest girl and ask her and well I was not prepared for her answer.

Mum I want spaghetti,Ham and vegetables stir fry,I laughed at first and said well how about you have that for lunch and she replied she wants it for breakfast not lunch,I asked if she was sure and was going to eat it all and she promised she would so I went ahead and made it for her and true to her word she finished it all and said thank you and now she is enjoying TV lol.

Mushrooms,Asparagus,sweet peppers,onions,carrots and spaghetti.



  1. hahaha! What a meal! Sounds like someone who knows what she wants. x