Truly Creative Gifts!

Truly Creative gifts..
Check out this wonderful company for some great gift ideas and believe me you will end up buying something :).

Of course it is not just for Christmas but weddings birthdays or just because.

Tanya is lovely and she is also very talented. She was kind enough to allow me to choose 2 different designs to do this review and I can not tell you how happy I am with them.

First off my princess design one and if you remember this picture that was drawn of my self and hubby from our photo well I sent that over to Tanya to show her the hair colour and dress that I would like and She did a great job as you can see,you can also have something written on there and so I just decided I would like Kay Adeola Blog 2014 on it which Tanya also tried to keep with the blog font.
I am really impressed with this lovely glass I mean for a start who does not like glitter.
Now these are made using safe materials which mean you can of course use them, they are fully usable and washable - suitable for everyday use not just there to look pretty although I would love to just have them sitting on my shelf.

Second is this wonderful design which as you can see is glittered bottom to midway with the glitter in a pattern.This is my favorite colour as some of you will know. I just wanted my name on there which I think looks really nice.

Lastly Tanya kindly included a shot glass so I could see what they were like and well you can see it in the photo it is really nice.

A couple of things I wanted to also mention from my experience is that I was speaking to Tanya in the evening and I am talking after 9pm I remember that because it was the apprentice on lol,Now I honestly thought it would take a while for these to be done but the next day Tanya told me that they had been done and sent that was really impressive and then they came the next morning really well packaged the 2 big glasses were in separate boxes which were then both packed in another box.

I am impressed with the quality and the fast turnaround on the glasses, there is a great selection to choose from and I have shown a few here,Prices are very reasonable also.

In a few easy steps you could have some wonderful glasses to enjoy,
  • Choose your glass type...
  • Choose your design...
  • Create a personalised message...
  • Choose your colour scheme...
  • Place your order and wait for your special gift you will not be disappointed.

For more information and to see more designs check out the below links.  
Ebay Shop.

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