Teksta Robotic T-Rex Review.

Our kids were really excited last week when this turned up on our door,

Meet Teksta T-Rex.

This Teksta is a life like T-rex who responds to sound and movement.

Teksta T-Rex the bone crushing dino! Just like his puppy friend T-Rex responds to your voice, lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns to share his feelings.

Using  hand gesture technology you can command Teksta T-Rex to walk, move his hands, tail and stop.

Stroke his face to hear him roar and see him snap just like a real T-Rex Dinosaur.

When he’s hungry feed him with his dino bone to see his ultimate trick, watch him crunch, munch and launch it away, followed by an almighty burp!

With over 100 physical and app-sized interactive play features.

Includes bone accessory.
We have not had him long so are still learning everything he can do,The kids are slowly training him.
He walks really easy on the solid floor and carpet with no worries about him falling over which I am yet to see happen.

He lets you know when he is not happy by his eye colour and how he reacts.

If you leave him on he will randomly start moving when he hears sounds.Now I do not know how a real T-Rex would move but I am sure it would be very much like this :).

Our kids really love him and have been playing with him non stop and even the dogs have been trying to play with him and barking at him which is quite funny because he starts moving towards them which send them crazy.

You can see on the picture above the buttons on his head well the one on the right you press and if you then clap he will start playing a tune and dancing T-Rex style which my youngest son is always dancing with him lol.

One of the kids favorite things to do with him is to make him throw his bone which you can see in this little clip.This has given them plenty of giggles.

When you put your hand near his nose he will sniff it which is quite funny.

Also when he has his mouth open ready for his bone you place it in his mouth at and let it touch the roof of his mouth and the bone will stick to it due to a magnet,once he closes his mouth it will press a button on the bone which will make one end fall away and he will the bend down and flip the bone right out of his mouth.

You can use the Teksta app For Apple and Android Tablet also to play with him which has a lot of features.

App Features
Sing & Dance – Start the T.Rex to sing and dance!
Bark Control – Choose how often the T.Rex will roar.
Motion Control – Choose how often the T.Rex will walk.
Tricks – Choose from the list and teach the T.Rex some tricks.
Feeding – Choose a foods for your T.Rex to eat!
Robotic Friends - Call to a T.Rex friend for your T.Rex.
Animation - Choose custom actions for T.Rex.
Piano - Compose a melody for your T.Rex to sing.
Set Alarm - Set a alarm and the T.Rex will wake you up
This T-Rex will be a great hit with kids this Christmas as will his friends the Teksta Puppy and Kitty.

We still have a lot more to learn about him and enjoy but I can say this,T-Rex is one of the best interactive toys I have seen so far and beats any toy the kids have right now,They all play with him together which is great.

 Aimed at ages 5+
RRP £59.99

For more information please check out Character-Online.

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  1. I love interactive toys more than Sophie I think! This looks so much fun.