Shimmer N’ Sparkle Cra-Z-Art Designer Nail and Body Art Studio Review!

My oldest daughter was really excited to get this in the post as I am sure some of you know she loves doing her nails (and mine lol).
Firstly let me tell you some of what is in the box,
The main work station
4 X tubes of glitter,
3 X nail polishes,
4 X  markers,
 nail adhesives,
2 X glitter pens
False nails
Body art stencils and much more.

Firstly let me start off by saying my daughter loved the idea and also the idea that she could use the stencils to draw on herself and me of course lol.The stencils were a little small for the pen to go in so did not really work properly,on the other hand madam decided that she would just do her own drawings,The pens wash off pretty easy with some soap and warm water.

We also tried making the body art with the gems which was good and madam enjoyed it but she did have to keep some of it covered as she did not want to make them all at once but the whole sheet is sticky .
Which we overcame by leaving some of the backing paper stuck over the rest designs.
You need 4 X AAA batteries for the glitter compartment to work,the nice part about this is that it lights up but the glitter does manage to creep out around the edges I am not sure if that was just us but I also feel that if you take the heart shape plug out to put a finger in to glitterize  there will be more glitter going everywhere so we did not risk it lol.

We did use the clear nail varnish which is quite thick on to the false nails to add glitter to,
The nails were difficult to attach the sticky part to be able to stick to the nail.Also the glitter did not stick as well as we wanted I am unsure if it was maybe the varnish dried too fast Or if we put enough glitter,The glitter is really nice and it is great that you can mix all the different colours to have multi coloured nails or body art.

You can see the glitter starting to work after we had pour glitter in and turned the fan on and it started flying all around the dome,You need to switch it 2 different ways for a better effect.I also feel that it would be much better to use a different colour on the nails first like use the red and not clear,Madam wanted plain glitter nails I do not think that was the best idea.

I feel that this is a great idea for a product maybe just a few changes and it would be perfect.Madam says she loves the colour of the work station as her 2 favorite colours are purple and pink.Also she has been having lots of fun with the pens and gems I Just wish she would stop using me as a canvas lol.

Check out for more info,
RRP is £19.99
For ages 8+

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