Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall #Review.

We were sent the Lite Brix Sunset Mall from Character-Online to review with madam.

She was really happy when it turned up and at first I think she was a bit overwhelmed with all the bits.
She soon got over it and decided to make a start on putting it together,thanks to the detailed instructions she figured out the colours in the book to the different colour pieces.

It took a while for her to get it together and also our oldest son gave her a hand even though when she first asked him if her would like to help he said it was too girly and pink for him lol.

Firstly they took all the pieces out of all the bags and put the different colours in piles together they found that it was much easier when looking for a certain piece in a certain colour.

Next they followed all the instructions and started getting it put together they did say that sometimes the instructions seemed a little hard but they figured it out between them.

Once put together it looked great with a lot of small details that you would not think about like the counter top in the cafe up the top opens,the doors at the bottom are revolving well you can spin them to make them revolving anyway lol.

It also features a cafe, mobile stand, escalator that you can move up and down, nail & hair salon and fashion accessory store.Each have little accessories to go with them like the cafe has a little tiny cupcake a coffee cup and a bottle,the hair and nail salon has a hairdryer and brush there are really lots of details that my photos do not catch all of.

Also of course it lights up which looks really good and madam really loves.

Set includes 1 Kaelin and 1 Ava mini doll, accessories, battery pack and instruction manual.

 Lite Brix is the Super Building System where you can build light up environments and vehicles using Lite Brix, connectors, special shaped parts and brick blocks.You can buy other sets and use brix from others to add to this and make a whole lite world.

My phone really is useless and can do not justice to this set lighting up but you get the point and it really does look great.

This would make a great gift for a girl that loves to build stuff and also loves girly products.
We love this range and would recommend it to anyone and you will see this on our Christmas Gift Guide.

3 x AA batteries required.

Aimed at ages 6+
RRP £49.99

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