Introducing Savvy Spreads!

OK let me let you all in on a secret....Did you know there is a Chocolate spread that is good for you...Yes you read it right.

Firstly let me tell you Savvy Spreads is a great company that won me over from the first time I tasted one of Their products see Their chocolate spreads contain Carob syrup which has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years the Romans loved it.

It is great for people that use a lot of energy.

Savvy have taken this carob syrup and make a fantastic spread that is not only healthy but tastes so good.
Adding in Chocolate’ (with organic cocoa) and ‘Agave’ (with agave syrup in place of honey – great if you’re vegan or under 12 months!) and Tahini (sesame).
The products are free from oils, refined sugar, soya, dairy and additives and any artificial ingredients,great for vegetarians.

I was sent 5 jars to try out,

 Let me start by saying wow these taste so good.

First one I tried of course was the Honey Chocolate spread.
perfect combination of chocolate and honey flavour and the ingredients are so simple,
Tahini,Carob syrup, wildflower honey and coco powder.

I really love this one but then again you will see me say that about all of them as it is way too hard to choose a favorite.
Next up was Wildflower Honey Spread again tasted so good nice and sweet but not overly which means if you are like me you will be grabbing a spoon and eating most of a jar lol.
Tahini,Carob Syrup and Wildflower Honey are the only ingredients.

Chocolate Agave Spread.
Sweet and chocolaty flavour this one is the kids favorite and I did not get much of a look in with this one They were asking for it on everything from sandwiches to on top of Their muffins.
Tahini,Carob Syrup,Agave Syrup,Coco Powder.

Lastly I had a jar of the amazing Date and Sesame spread,

I love dates and the flavour of them really comes through in this one I must admit to non stop eating it for a while and adding it to whatever I could.
Tahini,Date Syrup,Carob Syrup,Agave Nectar,Spices.

  "Best Sweet Preserve in Yorkshire" - Yorkshire's Finest Taste Awards 2014

Add on  toast, sandwiches, crêpes, porridge and ice-cream topping. You can cook delicious brownies with it, use it as a marinade and sweeten a curry.What more they are healthy and I do not mind my kids eating these as much as they like.
They all have a nice thick texture which add to the greatness as you can pile it on your toast or whatever you want to eat it on.
 I am so happy to have found this company now I can eat delicious tasting spreads without the worry about what is in it.

One last thing Savvy Spreads is a member of all of these in the below picture and has also won awards so you know They are really good.

Head on over to check them out.Oh and go ahead and buy some they are amazing you will be wanting more.

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