#DoraAndFriends Twitter Party Whats In The Box!

As you all know by now we are hosting a #DoraAndFriends twitter party Monday 3rd of November at 4pm-6pm.

Yesterday our box arrived and it was packed full of goodies.

Phew that is a lot of pictures,as you can see we have a red carpet and admittance tickets to make the screening as real as possible,
There is even an inflatable palm tree,popcorn and popcorn boxes,balloons,pass the parcel,pinata which I think the kids will love and there is a lot more but I will tell you more on Monday.

Now off to consult with the girls as to which food they would like as even my oldest is really getting in to this one she loved Dora when she was younger.

Don't forget to join us on Monday and use the Hashtag.

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