#Doctober is Today!

Morning everyone!

Hope you are all well and I hope we will see you later on today over on Twitter for our #Doctober twitter party which little madam is really excited for,She did not want to leave the house this morning and was telling me everything I should do and what food they want she has turned in to a little diva.

So I am now sorting out the food I have been told she wants turkey bacon and stuffing rolls (no flat bread allowed her words not mine lol) cut up so here we have it,

Making a very early start because I do not want to rush later that was the first of many I have done today and I also have to feed the adults,

Next up she wanted ham well gammon so fresh one cooked and sliced this morning,

 And she wanted fruit so we will be having,

Lots of different fruit we also have raspberries,blueberries and apples.

We also have an amazing Doc Mcstuffins cake that we were sent in our box which has been hidden because everyone has been wanting to open it since it got here lol.

 Now I have to go and sort the room out ready and set everything up so I can relax before everyone gets here.

See you all later remember to use #Doctober to join in the fun.

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