Happy Hallween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Hope you all have a great time and stay safe and warm while out Trick Or Treating with your kids,we will be taking ours out not that they need any more sweets they have so many already I think they have enough for this year and next lol.

Once kiddies are in bed hubs and I are having a horror movie marathon which will mean I will be spending most of the night behind the sofa with the dogs lol.

I was going to say I am glad it is not Friday the 13th but its the 31st so its the same just the other way round.

Anyway have fun.

Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall #Review.

We were sent the Lite Brix Sunset Mall from Character-Online to review with madam.

She was really happy when it turned up and at first I think she was a bit overwhelmed with all the bits.
She soon got over it and decided to make a start on putting it together,thanks to the detailed instructions she figured out the colours in the book to the different colour pieces.

#DesignaFriend Twitter Party 12TH November 4pm-6pm!

Hi Everyone,Some more exciting news on the 12th November we will be hosting a #DesignaFriend Twitter party 4pm-6pm.

 I hope you will take the time to join in the fun with us and some other lovely bloggers and of course as always there will be prizes to be won please make sure you use the #DesignaFriend hashtag and also follow @kayadeola & @UKMumstv 

We will be sent a box packed full of goodies before the party and I will share with you what is inside as soon as it arrives.

I look forward to seeing you all there. 

#DoraAndFriends Twitter Party Whats In The Box!

As you all know by now we are hosting a #DoraAndFriends twitter party Monday 3rd of November at 4pm-6pm.

Yesterday our box arrived and it was packed full of goodies.

Introducing Savvy Spreads!

OK let me let you all in on a secret....Did you know there is a Chocolate spread that is good for you...Yes you read it right.

Firstly let me tell you Savvy Spreads is a great company that won me over from the first time I tasted one of Their products see Their chocolate spreads contain Carob syrup which has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years the Romans loved it.

#DoraAndFriends Twitter Party Monday 3rd November 4pm-6pm!

We have just had some great news we are going to be hosting a Dora and Friends Twitter Party on Monday  3rd November 4pm till 6pm with some other lovely blogger to coincide with the new Dora and Friends TV Show that starts next week on Nick JR.

Little madam is a big fan of Dora and so this is going to go down very well with her.

We are being sent a lovely box of goodies for little madam and her friends to have some fun and enjoy the show we will be having lots of tasty snacks, playing games,watching the show and much much more so I really do hope you will join us over on Twitter and use the Hash tag #DoraAndFriends where as always you will have a change to win great prizes.

I will show you what is in our party box once it arrives.

Make sure you Join
 And some other lovely bloggers.

Music Monday-Tuesday Tunes!

Morning everyone I missed yesterdays Music Monday so I am going to put it up today,

 ADELE - 'Make You Feel My Love'

I have not had time to do anything this week already and I also have a lot coming up a couple of lovely reviews for you this week from SAVVY SPREADS that taste so good

Also a great toy for Christmas Lite Brix sunset Mall.

We are also heading to Pizza Express tomorrow to try Their new menu Hubs and I first time out alone together for a while can not wait for that.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


You may of seen my review of Aldi's equestrian range a few months ago, Well on the 26th of October head on down to your local store and you will be able to pick up the new winter equestrian products.

We were sent a selection of goodies from the range which included all of these goodies.

Truly Creative Gifts!

Truly Creative gifts..
Check out this wonderful company for some great gift ideas and believe me you will end up buying something :).

Of course it is not just for Christmas but weddings birthdays or just because.

Tanya is lovely and she is also very talented. She was kind enough to allow me to choose 2 different designs to do this review and I can not tell you how happy I am with them.

The Adventures of Abney and Teal brand new magazine.

The Adventures of Abney and Teal is a show on CBeebies shown on a weekday at 17:50hrs.

Now your children can enjoy Their favorite characters thanks to the release of a brand new magazine.

The Adventures of Abney and Teal magazine is published by children's publishing specialists,DJ Murphy and centers on two rag doll friends, Abney and Teal who live on an island on a lake in a park, a home they share with several friends including Toby a melodeon playing dog,Bop the furry river mammal and Neep the turnip.

Just like the show the new magazine is packed full of music and tales of friendship and has a whimsical style that has a particular appeal to children and parents alike.


If you love to walk you should check out Aldi new walking range in store from the 19th while stocks last.

Hubs and I were sent a lovely selection of this range to try out and I will be reviewing in more detail in other posts.

From men and women's outdoor socks £2.99,Featuring a Tactel® inner lining to help prevent blisters and assist with moisture management.

To men and women's 3 in 1 Jackets £29.99 which I got the woman's one and I love it.

What A Breakfast!

This morning once the kids were up (Half term already here) I asked them all what they wanted for breakfast.

Everyone gave me normally answers...Toast,cereal,juice but then I get to our youngest girl and ask her and well I was not prepared for her answer.

Mum I want spaghetti,Ham and vegetables stir fry,I laughed at first and said well how about you have that for lunch and she replied she wants it for breakfast not lunch,I asked if she was sure and was going to eat it all and she promised she would so I went ahead and made it for her and true to her word she finished it all and said thank you and now she is enjoying TV lol.

Mushrooms,Asparagus,sweet peppers,onions,carrots and spaghetti.


WWE Stackdown Starter Pack from Flair

We were sent the WWE Stackdown Starter Set Santino Marella's Cobra Cage for my son to have a go at building and it is aimed at ages 6+ my youngest son also wanted to have a go so with his brothers help the two of them sat down happily for around 45minutes building it together.

My Doodles Has Launched A Kickstarter campaign

OK so I have some  very exciting news...

From the brand that brought you noise-limiting character headphones, USB flash drives and mobile phone cases, comes another exciting project. My Doodles is launching an exclusive-to-Kickstarter campaign on 10th October for the must-have gift this Christmas: the Kids Dock.

Setting out to prevent children’s tablets and smartphones from being left lying on a bedroom floor uncharged, My Doodles was inspired to create the Kids Dock. Providing a safe place to keep the device charged and away from harm as well as delivering high-quality audio through its speaker, the Kids Dock aims to change the way children use their tablets for the better.

Music Monday!

I am back with Music Monday!


Tamar Braxton - All the Way Home
Have a great week!!

Cra-Z-Art-Shimmer-n-Sparkle Cra-Z-Knit Ultimate Design Station

 We received this great kit through the post and I will tell you from the start of the post that this has been a great hit with not just my oldest daughter but myself too.

Love to knit? Get creative with the Cra-z-knit ultimate design station.

Teksta Robotic T-Rex Review.

Our kids were really excited last week when this turned up on our door,

Meet Teksta T-Rex.

This Teksta is a life like T-rex who responds to sound and movement.

JR and The Moth!

Most of you have seen one or two posts where I have shown some of the photos my oldest son takes of anything he can find to do with nature.

Yesterday he spent a lot of time outside with my phone while we were busy with the #Doctober party he was not really interested until it came to the time for cake lol.

He took some photos of a moth and I wanted to share He was so amazed by it and must of sat watching it for a good 45mins and it was only when his dad asked if he wanted some cake did he decide to leave it.
I found around 30 photos of this moth on my phone lol.
We have promised him he can have a camera for Christmas so he will have one before me as I just use my phone.

#Doctober is Today!

Morning everyone!

Hope you are all well and I hope we will see you later on today over on Twitter for our #Doctober twitter party which little madam is really excited for,She did not want to leave the house this morning and was telling me everything I should do and what food they want she has turned in to a little diva.

Shimmer N’ Sparkle Cra-Z-Art Designer Nail and Body Art Studio Review!

My oldest daughter was really excited to get this in the post as I am sure some of you know she loves doing her nails (and mine lol).
Firstly let me tell you some of what is in the box,
The main work station
4 X tubes of glitter,
3 X nail polishes,
4 X  markers,
 nail adhesives,
2 X glitter pens
False nails
Body art stencils and much more.

Happy #Doctober! Twitter Party Tomorrow.

Hope you are all looking forward to the Doc Mcstuffins Twitter Party tommorrow like us and I also hope I will see some of you over there.

Party Box has arrived and is full of great toys and treats.