Stork's Great British Bake-Off Blogger Challenge!

Ok so today is really busy for me but I had to stop what I was doing to show you a lovely delivery I got this morning.

I received a hamper from Stork to take part in Their Great British Bake Off Challenge.

This hamper has everything I will need to make this weeks technical challenge which I am looking forward to and madam wants to join in so we are going to attempt this tomorrow.
Missing from this Picture is the wooden spoon which I put it in the kitchen and forgot to add it to the picture and only realized when I just looked lol,Also missing is the stork which is in the fridge.

 And this is what I will be attempting.

Wish me luck I think I may need it lol.

Check out Stork for great baking tips and recipes.


  1. Wow this sounds so exciting would have loved to be involved!


  2. Good luck! They did look fab on GBBO - just think its just a cake!