Stink Bugz!

We were recently sent some Stink Bugz from Character Online ,Hold on let me just stop and say they really really do stink.

There are 4 to collect: Muck Maggot, Swampy Skeeter , Trashy Turdmite and Skunk Mantis.

Let me tell you I could not get the smell from the Skunk Mantis from my nose for a long time lol,My oldest son thought it was highly amusing to chase us all around squezzing the bug which releases more smell.I ended up locking my self in the bathroom for a while hoping he would get bored and leave me alone lol.

The bugzs each come in Their own plastic container and once you screw off the lid you will see that the pot is sealed now that should really be your first warning :).

Also you can buy  Stink Bugz Parasites,Blast a Stinky Smell! Warning! These parasites not only stink, but load them into the Master Blaster and pow! A blast of super gross smelling air is released. The set features 4 stinky parasites, including one mystery parasite with a secret scent.
As if it could get any worse lol.

I can not say with this toy that it is delightful or cute or anything like that what I can say is these bugz are the grossest and smelliest things I have ever seen but hey what boys would not love them and mine do,

These are aimed at boys aged 6 + but even my younger son loves them and the boys have been having lots of fun blasting smells at each other,My oldest did a great job at tricking his dad,He told him "Dad they really do not smell its a lie"and when hubs said ok let me smell ,Son happily blasted him with the smell of skunk lol.
Bugz have an RRP of £4.99 and the Parasites are £9.99 so head on over and buy these for your sons but a final warning from me stay well out of the way or wear a gas mask :)

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