Great Gismos 4M Light Up Space Planetaruim!

 Another Great kit we were sent recently was this Light up space planetarium from Great Gizmos.

Build your own mini night sky planetarium and mini flashlight projector with this fun and educational kit.

Assemble your planetarium, and project the night sky across the ceiling with the included northern and southern hemisphere films.

 Use the light projector as a stand-alone flashlight that projects fun space-themed scenes.

 Includes blank film pieces and a pen for you to create your own designs!

 I think this is a really great product it is small enough to be able to take away with you like when my kids go to their grandparents they can put this in one of Their bags and take it along.
This is aimed at children aged 6+ but my oldest son who was putting it together and using it most then gave it to his younger brother as a night light to help him sleep and has been showing him all the different things he can do with it.

Also this comes ready supplied with batteries so that is a big bonus as I really hate having to go and buy batteries because I always forget lol.

Simple to use and easy to put together and will give your kids hours of fun especially when they can draw on the extra film what ever they want.

RRP of £12.95.

Head on over to the website for more information if you are in need of a night light keep this in mind.

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